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10 Reasons why SAP Business One Solutions is the best suited for SMEs

An efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is like the backbone to any business establishment. It helps regulate work flow, manage resources and handle your finances in the most optimum manner. As the name ERP suggests, the system was initially designed to manage large scale enterprises but with SAP Business One solutions, it’s a different story. SAP has successfully recognized the potential of a well-oiled business management system and adapted it to suit the needs of small and midsize enterprises. Here are ten reasons why SAP Business One is best suited for the job

  • Leadership – SAP has a long standing name and recognition in the IT market as one of the leading software providers across multiple industry verticals. Gartner’s magic quadrant for single instance ERP for product-centric midmarket companies showed SAP to be a “Leader.” Statistics go on to show the huge amount of trust that SME customers have placed on SAP. There are more than 199,500 SAP SME customers and this number is still growing. Of the customers using the SAP Business One solution, 80 percent of clients employ less than 50 users. A glance at the global coverage of SAP emphasizes the extent of its success – 120 countries, 25 industries, 30+ languages, 75 country offices and over 13000 partners worldwide!
  • Choice – Not every business management system gives you choices to fit the way you conduct your business. With SAP you can get just that and much more. At Silver Touch Technologies, we use SAP to deliver a complete and integrated system in the way you want it. With SAP you can choose between a packaged or customised system for your establishment. You can also choose between perpetual licenses or subscription. In terms of deployment you have the freedom to choose between hosted, on premises, on device or an on demand deployment.
  • Industry – This is one of the biggest concerns that SMEs have when it comes to choosing an ERP system to empower their business. SAP has a standing recognition for excellence across 25 major industry verticals. The system boasts of over 1300+ industry specific solutions delivered through co-innovation with partners and customers. It also has one of the most competent built-in best practice supports. In the words of Scott Baker, IT manager, OraSure Technologies “Without the out-of-the-box SAP Best Practices packages and templates for the medical device industry, we wouldn t have been able to implement our solution so quickly with so little customization.”
  • Affordability and Time to Value – In today’s competitive markets, time is money. SAP solutions focus on helping you start fast and reap the benefits in just weeks. SAP Business One is affordable and gives you the best solutions to fulfill all your requirements. “Our SAP software gave us an out-of-the-box solution that helped us accomplish our business goals at a cost that a start-up could afford.” – Coy Wright, VP of IT, Pacific Drilling Services Inc. Innovative packaging awards customers with best-practice templates, pre-integrated applications and preconfigured processes that enable clients to make the best use of their time and resources. Specifically designed to cater to SMEs the ERP doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. To make it easier the pricing is fixed taking into account the various deployment models giving business owners the opportunity to choose the most affordable solution. In terms of time saving value SAP ERP can be implemented within 2-12 weeks depending on the complexity and help transfer Business Intelligence in 1 day to 8 weeks.
  • Insight – Being able to analyze and assess your business proceedings at every step is crucial to making informed decisions. The SAP Business One Analytics sorts out all your spreadsheets, reports and databases making this information readily available and easy to understand. In short it provides you with the insight required to back sound business decisions. You would be able to monitor your business closely in a very cost-efficient manner giving you better control and making it easier to manage your resources.
  • Innovation – Innovation is the key to sustenance in this highly competitive market. As a leader in Research and Development investment SAP has been at the helm of various software products that empower businesses today. SAP has been constantly inspiring and acquiring companies that deliver innovation, thereby giving its clients the best solutions for their business requirements. Over the years it has been co-innovating various solutions and technologies with customers and partners making SAP solutions a comprehensive destination for all your IT needs. To be more specific, current drives focus on mobility, cloud computing, rapid-deployment, analytics, in-memory computing and big data.
  • Growth – There is a constant need for technology to grow with the changing times. SAP is extremely flexible and is designed to adapt to new challenges as your business grows. The ERP system is highly scalable and has been proven to support as little as 10 users and as large as 1000 users. The system has functionalities that can handle and process transactions ranging from a few hundred to a million. SAP Business One solutions provide plenty options for adding new functionality, facilitating businesses to grow internationally and supporting various operational models. It also provides you with flexible configuration options giving you the choice of buying what you want and when you need them.
  • Local – SAP can be used even in remote locations facilitating business owners the freedom to work and operate beyond boundaries. SAP solutions can be designed to meet both local and global business requirements in over 80 countries. With versions in more than 30 languages and 50 country specific versions, SAP solutions for small and midsize enterprises are equipped to provide localized solutions with a global presence.
  • Ecosystem – The SAP ecosystem is designed to give clients the benefit of various choices and maximum resources. With a SAP developer network community that boasts 2,000,000 members, it can give you the benefit of a rich choice of innovative solutions across multiple market domains. Such an extensive network of partners and customers expands the range of services, products and problem solving capabilities.

Silver touch technologies has been a partner with SAP for over 5 years and have successfully implemented over 90 solutions. We have been able to creatively support our clients across 15 + industry verticals providing them with the latest in technology. We specialize in SAP Business One license procurement, implementation, installation, customization, training & support and integrating add-ons.

To learn more about SAP Business One and how it can transform your business give us a call at +44 – (0) 1277 364 689 or drop us an e-mail at info@silvertouch.com

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