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Warehouse Management Solution for Wholesale & Distribution

Warehouse Management software helps various businesses to manage day-by-day operations efficiently. WMS is a tool that provides companies with shipping, storing, sorting and inventory solutions to streamline process along with adding all benefits to it. It serves varieties of industries such as wholesale and distribution, retail. Silver warehouse Management solution is the perfect and the only solution which can overcome all the challenges of Wholesale and Distribution industry. This is an add-on Solution for SAP Business One which can run on handheld devices like tablet phones, traditional warehouse scanners (with screens) and smartphones.

What Solution Capabilities you’ll get from Silver Touch’s Warehouse Management system (SWMS)?

As we know Silver Touch Warehouse Management System is a web-based solution provider developed for SAP Business One to integrate a comprehensive warehousing solution suite. Have a look at a few of the best WMS solutions.

  • Goods In: Now manage stock in warehouse generated from goods with receiving goods based on a purchase order by putting away into various locations using the system.
  • Internal Stock Transfer: One need to manage stock that is required to be transferred from one location to other.
  • Inventory and Location Management: If you’re looking for the best SAP Business One standard item that master data then use our services that offer warehouse and bin location features with ease.
  • Picking based Sales Order and Inventory Transfer Request: One can pick an item row by row with updating the pick list and send the order for packing. Later, the user can pick the items with updating SAP data at the same time.
  • Replenishment: With this one can move stock from the warehouse location to maintain the level of stocks.
  • Outbound: Pick the client’s order based on a pick by order or based on customer or area. Pack and ship the multiple orders with creating a delivery note on A/R invoice.
  • Inventory Counting: Manage physical and cycle counting for a Warehouse or bin location whenever you want.
  • Packing and Pick Note Assignment: The pallet master will allow the user to predefine the size based on delivery requirement. One can pick the orders and send them for packing grounded on the assignment.
  • Real-Time Operations: The operations performed are being updated in real time in SAP Business One to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Wholesale inventory management

Streamline and automate your wholesale business which connects you with trading partners & smartly runs your business. Mainly it adds sales by gaining loyal wholesale customer through using B2B platform.

Some of the best ways to manage wholesale inventory

Make sure you have sequential order with assigned quality product added in different columns in the spreadsheet. With using this technology one can provide easy to use and run wholesale distribution business to ensure long-term success. For wholesale distribution software, small business needs to look at some of the few ways to get great results.

  • Keep Inventory under control and automate business volume
  • Use B2B eCommerce to your advantage with increasing buyers
  • Synchronise all orders across wholesale and retail channels
  • Train your staff with delivering adaptability within the organisation
  • Don’t use price to compete
  • Remain on top for your cash flow
  • Rethink about order fulfillment
  • Build a relationship with customers

Warehouse Management Solution Benefits

A WMS control varies based on the departmental warehouse functionalities such as storage, picking, packing, shipping and inventory control. Some of them come with a fully-featured management system, have a look at them.

  • Effective Management Control: It offers an advanced warning of stock control issues and other process events to generate a purchase order by reducing the likelihood of having excessive stock. This helps in improving profitability and makes your entire enterprise more efficient and productive.
  • Increased Inventory Accuracy: One of the main benefits is to improve stock control and inventory tracking. This would provide clients with goods to keep them updated with accuracy. This would give customer satisfaction with removing potential operating cost with improved profits.
  • Reduced Staffing Levels: With using effective overheads one can increase the productivity by achieving easy to optimise processes. This can improve the organisational abilities with managing the resources during in-demand seasonal peaks.
  • Reduced Equipment Usage and Overheads: Reduce the workflow that enables you to use less equipment in the running warehouse. By using this one need few people who use technology and machinery at a lower cost. This would help in reducing the minimum annual maintenance budget to have less wear and tear on equipment.

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At Silver Touch, we’ve worked with many wholesale and distribution customers across the globe. So get ready to move your business from basic accounting tool to SAP Business one. Contact our consultant today.

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