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Ajax-A Frame Work For The Vibrant Web Site

Are you looking for a better framework? Ajax is the answer. In this electronic-dominated world, every day we come across new thing.

Ajax has been the integral part of our life. Even Google has opted for Ajax services and many more are on the way. Since all the services are free making a visible difference in your life. Ajax frameworks support Ajax technologies to build vibrant, client-side web sites.

The expansion of an Ajax based application is always need based to ease data processing. As an online application, it should have the ability to imitate or at least come close to basic functions found on desktops. This will give users an opportunity to do their data processing online without any downloads or client for an application.

Everything could be done through the browsers and with a well-mannered internet connection. www.pageflakes.com – this is purely an Ajax based website and calls itself a toll for page casting. Page casting is new term of real time broadcasting to views of the web page. Whatever you do on your website will be updated to your friends in actual time as well.

Best thing about this are the games. These are just some of the sites that you can experience the full extent of Ajax. Because there is just a small window that allows improvement, the people who are only able to provide additional functions are those who are already leaders in the field.

Developers who use frameworks can easily whip out JavaScript and Ajax based applications even though they have little to no experience and knowledge of JavaScript and Ajax.

Ajax will not only improve customer™s satisfaction through acceptance of their reviews but generally, the use of Ajax in websites is revolutionary. The goal of the framework is to function as a communication layer between user and server. This framework, which is specially designed to handle Ajax requests, lets Ajax perform its function of reducing user wait time while the web page accesses the server.

The most powerful real-time manifestation of this responsiveness is how Ajax technologies don t require complete web page reloading every time a new request is made or new data is entered.

Ajax frameworks are designed to support these technological requirements and requests. There are three main types of Ajax frameworks. The first are direct object frameworks. The second types are Ajax component frameworks. The third types are server driven Ajax frameworks Ajax component frameworks allow for more rapid development and require less control.

Ajax frameworks provide a complete library to construct web applications through the Ajax engine, i.e. the suite of technologies that facilitates communication between user requests and server without the lag-time and work it takes to re-load the entire page.

Other types of Ajax frameworks include JavaScript and server technology independent frameworks, .NET frameworks, and PYTHON frameworks.

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