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Benefits of SAP Enterprise Mobility Solution


The mobile landscape has completely changed in the USA. Enterprise Mobility is the new buzzword. It is a technology that gives the ability to do business anywhere, quickly and efficiently with an instant access to business information and intelligence. The key to embrace this mobile transformation is mobilising your business as a whole.

With feature-rich mobile enterprise applications from SAP, small and mid-sized businesses can expect a range of benefits that provide productivity gains. SAP mobility solutions provide a unique opportunity to amaze your customer base with new service levels. At the outset, it offers a huge scope for productivity improvements with optimal asset utilisation, lowers administration costs and enhances decision-making based on the most current real-time data. Field staff can access business systems and inventories and accordingly perform any immediate required operation on the go.

Below are some key areas where SAP mobility offers cost-saving and revenue-enhancing benefits to your business:


Sales consultants can connect from any part of world to execute, negotiate and close a sale on the move. Orders can be processed in the presence of customers by having all up-to-the-minute information on hand like stock levels, prices and discounts. Instant processing of payments improves cash flow of the company. Field workers can greatly benefit from mobility as they can access updated information allowing for knowledge transfer, discuss any challenges they face or report to the concerned authority for any immediate decision.

Mobile Workforce

Mobility provides mobile employees an opportunity to better manage their time, work smarter and securely perform business critical functions accessing synchronised information away from their desks. This not only increases productivity of individual team members but also improves working efficiency as a whole. With business mobility, ‘just in time’ jobs become easier to manage and execute. With accurate location information and availability of mobile workers, a business can understand in what areas it can focus on more revenue-generating functions or clear backlogged tasks.

Read this step-by-step guide for integrating enterprise mobility strategy.

Auditing and Compliance

With SAP enterprise mobility solution, all the business processes and record keeping activities are standardised and centralised business-wide. This greatly reduces administrative costs and overheads of maintaining paper records and eliminates any chance of mistakes or errors of incorrect data entry into business systems. The mobile application can be installed with policies and regulations that comply with industry norms to ensure strict adherence throughout the organisation.

Customer Perception

Customers in today’s age expect modern ways of interaction and service and want to be attended as fast as possible. SAP mobile applications allow call center agents or technicians to more quickly and precisely handle customer inquiries and expedite resolutions that in turn help maintain and increase customer retention ratio. Mobile integration services from SAP allow employees to exactly know what stage a customer order or query is up to and update the customer promptly without having to check with associated departments.

With an SAP business mobile application, you can run your business anytime, anywhere.

  • Get alerts on important activities
  • Access real-time information and reports
  • Handle sales and service calls on the go

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