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How Business Intelligence in SAP Business One enhances Decision-Making?

Drive Success with Business Intelligence in SAP Business One

Converting raw business information into useful pieces of information, poses an on-going challenge for most businesses. In many of the cases, this information is scattered and disorganised all over the company or stays in employees’ heads! This makes businesses rely on manually gathering data from different systems, reports, and people. Even if businesses have integrated applications that collect information from different parts of the business, only a few have the right tools to convert that data into a meaningful format that is useful and meaningful to a business user.

Organisations have long recognised the value of a streamlined data architecture, where multiple streams of data from disparate operational sources are collected and filtered for reporting and analysis. In an effort to get a single view of the overall business performance across multiple functional areas, businesses today are turning more and more toward business intelligence and data integration solutions. When using the right framework with the right data integration techniques and tools, businesses can have faster, more extensive reporting with a richer set of business analytics and improved data quality. For SAP customers, Business Intelligence in SAP Business One offers an efficient path to obtain this corporate vision of having one single version of the truth.

SAP Business One application delivers compelling reporting functionality coupled with analytic tools that give instant access to accurate, up-to-date information, enabling small and mid-size businesses drive intelligent decision making. The software bases its reports on the information drawn from all important parts of your business, including accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, service, and operations and displays key performance indicators such as sales performance, year-to-date revenue, overdue receivables, and service call turnover. On-report sorting, filtering, and re-formatting features allow you to use information interactively without having to re-query the database. This means that you can answer the business questions faster with fewer reports that significantly reduce unnecessary report generation and dependence on IT. It lets you perform ‘what if’ scenarios directly in your reports and visualise the potential outcome of your decisions. This strong decision-support tool gives answers to any number of business questions in a single report. More timely and effective decision-making translates into more effective strategies, larger market share, improved customer service and satisfaction, productive employees, greater control and oversight, and accurate planning, budgets, and forecasts.

Business Intelligence in SAP Business One lets you investigate, integrate, and innovate; allowing you to be quick and confident when to take action by ensuring data integrity, consistency, and alignment with the business goals. It empowers employees with the information they need, and in a format they need to make better decisions faster. It uncovers the intelligence hidden within the volumes of data, allowing each user to find the information relevant to their focus. With the ability to access, analyse, and share results within a common infrastructure, Business Intelligence in SAP Business One makes information and insights accessible to employees at all the levels of your organisation. SAP Business One enables businesses to deploy powerful analytics organisation-wide to assist with the planning, simulation, optimisation, and forecasting of critical business scenarios.

Being able to react to business needs quickly by leveraging all existing data, and avoid creating a patchwork of different solutions are the objectives that drive decisions today. SAP Business One extracts intelligence from all the operational systems and leverages the on-going technology investments, to integrate the people, data, and processes within the organisation. It enables you and your business to create a unique competitive edge, one that stimulates continuous growth and innovation in the most intelligent way.

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