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Business Management made Simpler with HANA for SAP Business One

SMEs face the problem of getting real-time access to their business information. They don t have access to interactive reports that can help them and their employees operate in real-time to get updated data and accurate analysis. They are in need of a solution that can help them to make faster decisions and meet analytics needs of their business. SAP HANA caters to the requirements of SMEs, supporting real-time operations, smarter decision making, and better business results.

HANA for SAP Business One is an in-memory database and application platform that has been specifically designed to simplify the IT environment of SMEs. It combines database, application processing, and integration services on a single platform, providing libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, and business analytics. SAP HANA releases the intelligence in the business data and processes, allowing SMEs to accelerate critical decisions and innovate throughout their operations.

SAP HANA – Delivering value and making business management simpler

  • SAP HANA allows you to unlock information across all of your existing solutions, including analytics, mobile, and applications, both on-premise and in the cloud. It helps you to answer any question, from any data or any system, providing instant responses to your questions and enabling you to ask iterative questions.
  • It offers fast, powerful and integrated capabilities for managing and analysing data, helping SMEs to make better decisions. It can help you to accelerate business intelligence, anticipate future opportunities and risks, and promptly react to business changes.
  • SAP HANA uses ingenious techniques to store and manage a large amount of data and analyses it within no time to provide you instant business insights. It is an all-in-one solution which has ERP, reporting and analytics together to cater to all your business needs.
  • SAP HANA provides real-time data for your dashboards, reports and analysis, helping you explore insights and test out future scenarios. You get critical business information instantly, helping increase insights, gaining more accurate answers and getting faster responses for business questions.
  • It helps in streamlining business flow and improving decision support by leveraging advanced analytics to transform insights into profitable actions.
  • The intuitive & powerful dashboard of SAP HANA helps in real-time reporting. Its embedded analytics provides updated information quickly and gives real-time visibility into all your business processes, helping your business become a real-time enterprise.

SAP HANA provides you easy and instant access to reports, interactive dashboards and ad-hoc queries with less involvement of your IT personnel. It can help you streamline your processes, enable business transformation and reduce costs. It embeds advanced analytics into the process of decision-making, allowing you to unlock insight from your data and beat competition!

Silver Touch globally has been a partner of SAP for over 5 years and has implemented over 90 solutions in 15+ industry verticals. Our comprehensive SAP HANA services span from installation & implementation to post-deployment support, including training and support and upgrading and migration services.

To find out more about how you can unlock the power of SAP HANA to help manage your business efficiently, get in touch with us by calling us on +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 or dropping us an e-mail on info@silvertouch.com.

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