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Reasons to choose SAP Business One for Project Management

SAP Business One is a business management solution that enables SMEs to streamline their operations and simplify their business processes. The Project Management Module in SAP Business One offers an exceptional combination of functionality for organisations looking to manage some or most of their business as projects. The module has been designed specifically to meet the business requirements of these organisations. The result is a resilient and closely integrated system, ideally adapted to the specific requirements of project driven companies.

Get control and visibility over all your business projects, from planning through to execution and billing with the Project Management Module in SAP Business One. It will help improve all areas of your project, across project planning, job costing, billing and reporting to realise better outcomes.

Project Based Business Challenges

Need to use separate planning tools, spreadsheets, accounting solution, and paper Standard ERP solutions no longer suit the requirements of project driven businesses Material driven production doesn t go well with project driven processes Ever-changing project requirements that need to be consolidated into project planning

With SAP Business One- Experience the Return on Investment

  • Faster estimating
  • More accurate budgeting
  • More reliable deliveries
  • Increased project margins

Key Features of SAP Project Management

Accurate Estimating With the Project Management Module, the entire quotation process thoroughly considers resources, materials, time, and can be used as the source for producing a quotation or proposal for your customers.

Accurate Budget vs. Actual

Because the presales engagement takes the entire estimate in the system, once the order is placed, all job expenses can be compared to the original budget, enabling you to measure the accuracy of estimates over time.

Gantt Chart for Project Planning and Resourcing

The graphical drag and drop planning tool enables you to allocate resources for all project divisions across teams; including planning for production orders throughout the manufacturing process.

Capacity Planning of Departments, Machines, and Labour

Along with allocating resources to different project divisions, the Gantt chart tool gives you a view of capacity within a department or team, as well as the ability to drill down to a machine or an individual for task allocation, presenting a top down view across all projects/resources.

Just-in-Time Material Planning

Since the projects module is informed of the stock availability and lead times for materials, it provides you with a view of the demand for materials required in a project and marks the materials needed for purchase, so they arrive in time to avoid disruption, therefore reducing the stock holding.

Enhanced Project Margins

Recovery of additional out-of-scope requests, the capture of time and materials data correctly against each project and accurate budgeting for all quotations. This all together will help to increase the profitability of every project you undertake.

Milestone Billing

Manage the cash flow and project revenue; the module allows invoice terms to be set per project and can be Time & Materials or Fixed Price allocated and split across multiple installments  or project milestones.


  • Streamlining of all financial and project management data allows you to measure exact costs incurred on a particular job, and compare it to its estimated costs. This can help you further understand costs associated with specific projects and prepare the ground for consideration of planning and budgeting for future projects.
  • It unifies all project related documents, resources, and transactions to help you monitor the progress and track the working of the project according to business operations.
  • Every project can be broken into Sub Projects or Phases, depending on the size and scope of the actual project. These Phases can express a functional area, and you can define stages specific to your business, such as design specifications, requirements analysis, and implementation process.
  • You can experience better project clarity by creating activities from the module. This provides a summary of every activity the project team has performed on a particular stage. This, along with the other features, enables you to manage projects more efficiently and effectively, from start to end.
  • You can also create stage dependencies, which will prevent you from moving on to another stage if the current stage has not been fully realised and marked complete.

To find out more information about the project management module in SAP Business One, read The Best of SAP Business One 9.2 Project Management Module.

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