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Content Management: Safeguarding Your Brainpower

Content is king, it may be in the form of text, documents, multimedia files, video files etc. It is a procedure of protecting your intellectual property. Since content is the quintessential, needs to be managed very carefully. Content Management is a system to maintain the workflow through creating, editing, reviewing, indexing, searching, publishing and archiving gamut of digital media and web content. There are multi sub divisions like Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Digital Records Management, and Electronic Content Management and so on. The basic feature of this system is managing content and publishing, with a workflow if required. The procedure of Content Management

It is based on different features and responsibilities.

  • Creator – Looks after creating and editing content
  • Editor – manages tuning and style of delivery, including translation and localization
  • Publisher – responsible for making the content available for the users.
  • Administrator – responsible for accessing to folders and files, assigning access rights to user groups or roles. Admins may also assist and support users in various ways
  • Consumer, viewer or guest- the person who reads, takes in content after it is published or shared.

The toughest part of content management is the ability to manage versions of content. Authors and editors often need to restore older versions of edited products due to a process failure or an undesirable series of edits. Content management execution must be able to run content distributions and digital rights in content life cycle.

Silver Touch USA provides state of the art content management solution for websites. Nowadays everybody likes to handle his website by himself; having taken into account, we have created CMS to give the utmost liberty to user to maintain his website. CMS contains user friendly and well designed panel which can be handled by any novice user on web.

Our CMS offers some unique features:

User access level will be set on a feature-by-feature basis i.e. page edit; page delete, statistics access, newsletter access etc.

  • Add New webpage
  • Edit Existing webpage
  • Delete webpage
  • WYSWYG Editor (upload any files like pdf, doc, flash, Etc..)
  • Order of Web Pages/links
  • Preview webpage
  • Insert/Edit Meta tags (for search engine)

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