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    Digital Marketing Tricks Every Startup Should Adopt

    When you are starting your own business, you are involved in almost every aspect of the business- starting with finances to the idea to its marketing. For a startup, marketing is critical as it helps you attract attention and make your target audience aware of your product/service. As a startup owner, you should be aware of all the tricks of the marketing trade to be able to make it relevant and cost-effective.  Digital marketing is an excellent tool that helps you garner your target audiences’ attention and make them aware. It is profitable and has a very good reach. You should know the various digital marketing tricks that can help you maximize your reach and increase your visibility.

    Here are a few tricks that every startup owner should master if they want to improve their online presence.

    Understanding with Analytics

    Analytics is an essential element of digital marketing, without which you won’t be able to understand consumer behavior. When your audience comes to your website, they communicate with it in a particular manner. Some stay longer than the others, while a few visit the site again. Analytics helps you understand what made the visitor go, what made them stay, and what made them come back. What topics on your website were they interested in, and how they interaction with your site? These are a few questions answered with analytics. That’s why every startup owner should master analytics to keep improving their website.

    Repurposing the Content

    Content repurposing is an important tip that every startup owner should adopt when strategizing the content or marketing their business. How does this work? If you have a whitepaper, repurpose it into a blog and market it to the proper channels. The blog would be read by a select segment, which may or may not have read the whitepaper. Similarly, a blog topic can be repurposed to a whitepaper to reach the relevant audience. The idea is to market the same content in different ways to reach out to more people.

    Listen Often on Social Channels

    You don’t mark your presence on the social channels only to talk; sometimes, you need to listen too! How often do you listen to understand what your audience is trying to say? It’s always good to listen to what your audience says on the different social channels. Listening will help you purpose content to this select audience in a way they will love to hear. You will also have an idea of the channels where you should be marketing when you start listening to the audience on the social media channels.

    Drip Marketing

    Drip marketing is an excellent way to meet and greet new people on board your website, and then building conversations with them. With drip marketing, you can define a mail sequence to be sent to the visitor/user as per the defined sequence. You need to work on identifying the email sequence, as that plays a major role in maintaining the relevancy to the end user. The first step you need to take as a startup owner is to build a list, which will help in making drip marketing useful for your audience.

    Influencer Marketing

    When you are a startup, you need influencers who can assist you with positive branding of your business. It will help to identify the influencers within your segment so that you know who will help build your brand positively. This will help build exponential reach via the captive audience that the influencer has a hold on. When you are marketing through an influencer, you will be able to build credibility for your brand.

    Competition Analysis

    Without competition analysis, you would lose out on a margin of your audience and most of your conversions. Always look at your competition and try to understand what they are doing that you aren’t. Many tools will help you with researching and analyze the competitors’ campaigns, which in turn help you plan your campaign in a better way.

     Startups need to incorporate effective digital marketing strategies to increase their visibility and maximize their reach to relevant audience. SilverTouch offers a range of startup solutions that will benefit your business and help it reach the relevant audience. We help you convert your brilliant idea into a success business with appropriate technology solutions. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com to know more about our startup solutions.

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