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    Is Your Educational Institute Part of Digital Revolution?

    Digital revolution has evaded the education industry, and it is not a new concept anymore. Online education has become the routine way of learning instead of being the future. A significant number of graduates are seen taking online classes. Out of them, half are married with kids and in the lot, women outnumber men in the ratio of 2:1. Some are working full-time while others were prevented from continuing at physical campus due to personal events.

    Online teaching and classes were first introduced to bring flexibility in the system. Later with its evolution, students started to find it convenient and preferred it over residential or physical campus learning. Individuals taking online classes would only look for flexibility and won’t care about the expenses as they are mostly working people or people with other responsibilities, who yet need a degree. Students need to manage the complicated triangle of family, work and school and hence would prefer the most flexible and convenient system for their learning. ;

    Digital revolution is happening in the education industry because today just the high school degree is not enough and the traditional form of college no longer works well for people who need a valuable certificate of employability. Managing queries and support to the students outside college was made easier by seeing the system from the students’ point of view. The system was executed by developing a shared IT call center with staffs who were trained to answer simple questions and escalate only the complicated ones. This change brought with it benefits as costs and workload went down and the student satisfaction went way up.

    Our Contribution in Helping Educational Institutes Go Digital:

    At Silver Touch Technologies, we have developed Education portals, e-learning software, online education software and online training software to help institutes to go online and improve effectiveness and transparency in their system.

    • We have developed a Learning Management System for a US based client for managing the student enrollments, attendance, courses, assignments and reports.

    Read more: https://www.silvertouchinc.com/learning-education/learning-management-system-solution-education-case-study.html

    • Another US based client aimed at providing innovative education technology solutions to their students and educators. We developed a learning management system for their company using Moodle LMS and helped them integrate their existing portal with the new one for improved efficiency.

    Read more: https://www.silvertouchinc.com/learning-education/moodle-lms-educational-portal.html

    The non-traditional students are making the college and education system digital. They are the cause of such acceptance of online learning and they want the future of college to be the same. This system is a hybrid mix of online and in-person classes that are centered on the students and not on the institution. For most students, this e-learning will unfold over a longer period as compared to the two or four year college as this system gives flexibility and convenience and is dependent on the student. Online classes are no longer rare or experimental. Students from all over the world have accepted and promoted it and through it they are telling the institutions what they want.

    Digital revolution has led to a vast change in the way people deal with technology and learning. Use of technology has resulted in schools and other institutions using laptops, tablets, a huge number of educational tools and resources with an internet connection to connect students from over the world. Tutors and instructors use online tools and social media to stay connected with their students and other peers. Today, many use technology to gain knowledge and information regarding various things whenever and wherever needed.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a leading IT service provider serving a global clientele since decades in various domains. We have expertise in providing promising software solutions and IT services for Education industry. Write to us at info@silvertouchinc.com with your queries and business concerns and we would be happy to assist you.

    Shruti Vasudevan

    Shruti is a technical content writer working with Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. She keeps keen interest in researching and writing on technical topics. She is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Communication and focuses on learning new things.

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