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ERP Solution for the USA Based Wholesale Distributor

ERP Solution for the USA Based Wholesale Distributor

As distribution business models continue to grow and expand, many businesses are experiencing that their legacy systems no longer match with the current industry demands. Wholesalers and distributors need to keep pace with maintenance of increasing data and effectively plan and predict the demandin order to run the business on schedule by meeting the demand without having to bear any extra costs. All they need is a logical solution of adapting the ERP for all the logistical challenges.

A USA based distributor, dealing in a wide range of beers, ciders, wine, champagne and spirits of prominently global brands approached Silver Touch Technologies looking for an online solution interface that would enable him to manage his product inventory and distribution network in the USA, the European Union and other global markets. He required inventory management, supplier management, tax liability and duty calculation and accounting interface with Sage Line 50 to primarily improve productivity and modernise operations to penetrate new markets while ensuring the delivery of best quality products and services.

Silver Touch Technologies—a global expert in IT solutions and digital transformation advisor proposed a bespoke ERP solution that would provide a premier platform for an ever-evolving and extensive collection of leading iconic brands of alcoholic beverages. The solution delivered an intelligent and integrated system that would help have complete visibility and flexibility in managing operations across purchase, inventory, sales, delivery and retail. The project manager worked on setting up features like easy online booking, global distribution network mapping, advanced search functionality and many more.

Watch the video below to know how Silver Touch contributed in improving the bottom line.

Why Silver Touch Technologies?

Established in the year 1992, Silver Touch Technologies specialises in providing Bespoke SAP solutions to benefit your industry needs.  Having accredited with the highest CMMi level, the company ensure that its clients realise all the benefits of their development projects.

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