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Explore an exotic locale with iAround!

With an aim to digitally empower travelers and explorers with a dexterous tool; Silver Touch Technologies USA gladly presents iAround – an avant-garde travel application for iPhones. This completely unique and exclusive application functions like a virtual compass and tour guide for the person who new to a region.

This real time expedition application enables you to explore any city or nearby locale without any hassles. Customized and created on best platforms like Google API and Wikipedia, it has integrated every single geographical detail of a particular location into your handy device called iPhone. The application has integrated of highly interesting and distinctive features which gives it exclusivity:

  • Since, it is integrated with Google Maps API and Wikipedia; any tourist or a new traveler would have an advanced technological interface that would give you minutest geographical details about your current location.
  • In addition to this, the app has a special feature wherein it will display a broad list of all the important places or landmarks in city or surrounding regions like Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Cinema Halls, Shopping Centers, Religious places, Gas Stations, etc.
  • With this application, you can also get updated information about searched location, along with the name of the place, local governing bodies, and other important contacts.
  • The app has advanced system that simplifies the process of locating any particular place in a city – with augmented reality (AR) incorporated within the application enables to make the search easy, real time interactive search. Besides, Augmented Reality (AR) stylishly utilizes the camera of your iPhone and display real time search results of your searched destinations.

Therefore, with this amazing and ground breaking app, you can get access to a progressive technology that will empower with a virtual tour guide and compass.

To get more details about this exciting app navigate through http://www.silvertouch.mobi/iaround

To get iAround for iPhone from Apple Store – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iaround/id495878336?ls=1&mt=8

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