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SAP Announces Free HANA Express Edition for Developers


On 19th of September, 2016, in Las Vegas at the SAP® TechEd conference, SAP announced a downloadable version of HANA Express Edition of its in-memory platform for free of cost. With an easy access to HANA’s every analytic capability including text mining, geospatial data analysis, and graph data analysis for 32GB data sets or smaller which can be upgraded for a fee for more memory, it aims to let developers experiment and build next-generation data-driven applications on a laptop or desktop, or in the cloud.

Developers’ experience with SAP HANA was recognised as one of the highest paying skills as reported by 2016 Dice Salary Survey. Putting developers at the core of this release, it is specifically streamlined to make it compatible on devices that developers find comfortable to use for application development and deployment purposes, informs Marie Goodell, Vice President of SAP HANA Platform Marketing. It provides database, application and advanced analytics services for HANA apps to perform transactional and analytical processes along with educative tutorials, sample codes and an active SAP developer community (Web forums) to help developers adapt to this version with ease and speed.

There’s more to this announcement. Read below to know another exciting release from SAP.

A new personal edition of SAP Web (integrated development environment) IDE was also introduced that allows working in offline mode and features planned automatic synchronisation upon cloud connection. A new software development kit (SDK) accompanies this edition that offers quick creation of application templates and partner tools integration. “You can take it offline now and do development offline on your computer,” says Dan Lahl, Vice President of Product Marketing, SAP. “You can sync it up when you re back online. We ve opened it up for partners and developers to build their own plug-ins into the Web IDE. It can be one place for all development, testing and monitoring for any application built on the platform.”

As a part of the digital transformation, together these releases will free-up developers to create HANA apps on their personal workstation at their convenience. Java, Node.js, or Microsoft‘s Visual Studio developers only need to import HANA Express Edition database files to code HANA apps while others can work within SAP’s integrated web environment. Rudi Leibbrandt, Senior Director of HANA Product Management further updated that SAP has taken steps through this edition to streamline the entire development process keeping first-time and novice users in mind. Both Goodell and Lahl believe that SAP HANA Express Edition is the foundation of digital transformation that would invite all types of data from around the world.

SAP Development Center has made this edition available to download and install on desktops or laptops or even commodity servers by using a binary installation package that comes with support for either Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Installation on Windows or Mac OS can also be done via a virtual machine installation image offered with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SAP Business One Cloud Solution that provides deployment options for popular cloud platforms for public also runs this edition.

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