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    Guide to Creating Helpful Enterprise Apps for Employees

    Look around your office and you will find that probably all employees today use smartphones while at work, and it has become an integral part of their office routine. The employees can have access to all the necessary stuff at a moment’s notice and hence building useful apps that would benefit them at work would help the enterprises to increase the overall productivity. It is seen that in recent years, internal and enterprise-centric apps are being introduced and adopted by many companies. The development and deployment of an enterprise app should be done by keeping in mind that the app is fit for purpose and useful for the employees.
    For successfully deploying an efficient Enterprise App, a company needs to follow the following five-step guide.

    Know your Employees’ Needs

    Developing any app has to be done by taking their users into account. Before moving towards the actual process of creating an enterprise app, analyze the needs of the employees. Do some research on the company’s culture and talk to the employees and the group you want to design the app for, to know what all features they need in it. Figure out what employees need and what they don’t need so that more staff would prefer to adopt new apps into their daily routine. Developing apps that are useful for the employees will increase its usage and hence the investment won’t go to waste.

    Choose the Right Technology

    Choosing the right technology to design the apps is essential. The apps developed need to be deployed on different devices and need to support multiple combinations of software, hardware, and operating systems. Multiple platforms and technologies can be used to create the app, but you need to choose the right one so that it is built on the right foundations and achieves maximum coverage in the enterprise. Ideally, for most companies, it is the safest bet to create a web-based app as it can be used across devices irrespective of the OS or platform. If an app is built for just Android or iOS, then it is possible that some employees would not be able to use it and would be left out. A web-based app would be readily available to all the staff and hence would be useful for all.

    Consider IT and Security Policy

    The security concern is the most dominating issue in any enterprise. While installing hardware, software or integrating applications with the infrastructure, one needs to take utmost care about the security policy of the company. For the app to be a success in the enterprise, you need to ensure that the existing system is ready for integration and is secured. As we know that mobile phones are inherently prone to viruses and malware, it is necessary that any mobile application that deals with sensitive information must follow the IT security policies. While developing the app, the security policies of the enterprise need to be taken into consideration.

    Choose for In-house or Outsource

    You might have an idea and strategy to build the app but not enough resources and manpower to make it real if you are new to application development. You need to analyze and decide whether you have the expertise to design and create the app in-house, or you will need to outsource the project to a partner with experience in enterprise app development.

    Monitor and Test the App

    While building the app, the company needs to keep in mind that eventually the app is for the employees, and they are the ones who are going to use it. The ultimate objective of building an app is to improve the productivity and efficiency of the workplace. Once the strategy is decided, involve the test team to highlight any issues and provide solutions as and when needed to avoid any hitch. After the app is made live, observe how frequently the app is being used and how fruitful it is for the employees. If the app isn’t utilized as expected and the strategy isn’t beneficial for the workforce, then you probably need to do some rethinking and make some changes in it.

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