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How SAP HANA Cloud Platform Leverages Benefits of Cloud Computing

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What are the key objectives for modern enterprises? Irrespective of the size and business model, every company wants to gain a competitive advantage by achieving two goals- streamlining processes for steady growth and maintaining operational cost to a minimum. Extensive user engagement can enable companies to achieve steady growth whereas reducing operational cost is possible by switching to the cloud.

Today, businesses have started leveraging the benefits of cloud computing by integrating user-optimized and sophisticated cloud apps in their system. Such cloud-based apps benefit startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike as they offer cloud storage thereby eliminating the need for large IT infrastructure and higher operational costs. The software development company can build cloud apps from scratch for meeting various needs.

Importance of Cloud-based Apps in Corporate Sector

Cloud-based apps can enhance customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. These apps can effectively boost new sales and acquisition. But, the bigger benefits of such apps in the corporate world include a reduction in IT and maintenance costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved performance. As companies have gradually shifted their focus from in-house IT infrastructure to outsourcing services, the offshore development company can offer more professional and highly optimized services for cloud app development.

Considering the SMEs and startups, they have constraints of budget and resources. They just cannot afford to establish a robust IT infrastructure. There, the cloud solutions from SAP can lend a helping hand by addressing their diverse needs and complexities. A recent IDC report has mentioned that focusing on the right resource and workforce has remained the biggest challenge for many businesses globally. SAP Cloud solutions can assist businesses to address operational difficulties by bringing automation and increasing IT capabilities.

Let’s dig deep into the cloud strategy and the SAP platform’s role.

Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP is known for offering robust and reliable ERP and other enterprise-friendly solutions. It has successfully extended its ecosystem of highly customized and seamlessly-running enterprise apps. In this process, SAP had integrated many aspects of emerging technologies like cloud, Big Data, mobility, and social platforms. As a result, SAP solutions have always maintained agility and business-specific characteristics. SAP HANA Cloud platform is another integrated enterprise platform from SAP with all these attributes.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is typically an open PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that has an in-memory database that extends the environment for an array of enterprise apps. SAP Hana enables the software development company to develop, integrate, and deploy lightweight cloud apps with all desired features. It is easy for developers to meet the diverse requirements and complexities with the help of cloud-based apps.

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While customizing the SAP Hana Cloud platform-related apps as per on-premise demand, there is no need to impact the core of the apps. Intensive data processing capabilities facilitate software development companies to integrate connected touchpoints and interfaces. Altogether, SAP Business One on HANA is useful for making insightful decisions proactively. Talking about the cloud strategy of SAP, we need to focus on three distinct services.

Brief Introduction of Cloud Strategy for SAP Solutions

  • Public Cloud Apps- These apps extend support to departments like customer care, sales management, finance, cloud-based ERP, and human resources.
  • Private Cloud Environment- SAP HANA Cloud is a private platform that offers managed cloud functionality
  • Cloud Marketplace- It consists of the technology partners for scaling up and extending innovation to improve customer services
  • Collaboration Tools- These tools are aimed at providing support to all these three types of cloud-based services

Altogether, SAP Hana Cloud Platform can reduce the complexity and cost while minimizing the risks associated with business processes.

Customized Cloud-based Applications and Extensions

Enterprises that largely rely on cloud-based solutions need customized applications, extensions, and add-ons. Such enterprises can consult a reputed offshore software development company to meet their specific requirements through tailored cloud-based apps. Oxford Economics has revealed in its recent survey that 48% of companies have considered building new customized apps as a key accelerator for business growth and innovation.

Wrapping Up

Cloud computing is advancing rapidly and enterprises can leverage its business benefits through feature-rich and future-ready apps. Quicker process execution, improved resource utilization, increased efficiency, higher productivity, and great ROI are some of the excellent benefits of outsourcing cloud app development projects to an experienced SAP Business One partner.

SAP Business One on Cloud can offer a lot of benefits to modern enterprises. If you want to leverage all these benefits in a cost-effective way and stay ahead of the curve, simply send us an email at info@silvertouch.com. As a leading SAP Business One solution provider, we have developed many extensive SAP Business One Cloud add-ons. We also offer high-end SAP Business One solutions that can meet your complex business needs effectively.

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