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Internet of Things (IoT) – what it promises for the future! 

Imagine you set your alarm on Monday for 6:30 a.m. As soon as you hear it ringing, you also hear your coffee machine start brewing your fresh cup of coffee.

As you take your milk out of the fridge “semi-skimmed milk” is automatically added to the grocery shopping list to order.

Your shower switches on at the exact temperature you like.

You leave your home and automatically your front door locks behind you and any lights are switched off.

Your car and garage door unlock before you get there! Once inside, your car automatically suggests a different route because you are later than normal and there s a traffic jam on the motorway and music is played to suit your mood! When you finally arrive at the office, another gadget has already mapped out the times you re going to be most productive based on your past productivity patterns on Mondays when you re running behind schedule!

I expect you are thinking this is fiction! Think again.

The “Internet of Things” promises lifestyle improvements based on behavioural data, and although only a few gadgets might influence our lives right now, a future with all of our gadgets predicting and responding to our behaviour is not that far off.

It is estimated that by 2020 that 26 billion devices will be connected and the consumer sector will make up some 13 billion of those devices with business and automotive making up the remainder.

Connecting devices generates a lot of data and here is where IoT and Big Data intersect.

Did you know that a modern Oil and Gas drilling platform generates 8 terabytes of data a day? A modern aeroplane can generate 40 terabytes of data in an hour.

And the newest automobiles generate a gigabyte of data each second.

And the Internet of Things is just getting started! This data will be useless unless analytics are applied to make sense of, what is happening, what is likely to happen and what action needs to be taken.

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