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    Why Intranet Portals are Growing Popular with Enterprises?

    With boundaries growing thinner, there is an increasing need for connect and collaboration between the employees within the enterprises for better products and services. The marketplace is growing extremely competitive and enterprises have started to establish a global presence, resulting in a pressing need for real-time collaboration for increased operational efficiency and improved productivity within the organizations. Enterprises have understood that it is important to empower employees to enable better customer service. This is precisely why enterprises are working towards employing tools that will help the employees interact, share and create, so as to take employee engagement to the next better level. Intranet portal helps deliver the needed employee engagement.

    Intranet Portal: Brief Overview

    Managing the different information, data, and applications is highly difficult for enterprises, especially in the era where BYOD and remote working seem to be ruling. This is precisely where intranet portal comes to their rescue. It is a gateway that helps enterprises access information and applications using the intranet, to enable real-time connect and collaboration between the employees. The portal solutions offer personalized views and can even integrate the legacy applications as well as handle multiple user requests at the same time. This is famously referred to as the enterprise portal, when you are dealing with a corporate. These portals establish unified communication between the employees, which makes knowledge transfer quicker and easier. It helps you achieve the different business needs stated by your enterprise, and helps you achieve your business goals.

    Reasons for Popularity of Enterprise Intranet Portal

    The enterprise intranet portal is known best for its ability to integrate the existing system, and help employees collaborate for improved connectivity and operational efficiency. Intranet portal solutions come with the ability to integrate with your legacy systems or current tools thus improving your productivity. Intranet portal can be customized to match your business needs, thus allowing for better collaboration. This in turn empowers your employee, which will lead to better customer service from your end. Some of the features that enterprises prefer having in their enterprise intranet portal include user friendly applications, remote access, document repository and advanced search features for people and enterprise.

    Enterprise intranet portals come with infinite benefits. With such solutions, you are able to make quick & informed decisions that will reduce costs, and improve productivity. An intranet portal solution helps employees search for information easily, and with its aesthetic design, it is definitely an easy to use platform. The user experience is critical to an intranet platform, and it is the only feature that improves the engagement levels for your enterprise. Intranet portal solution increases transparency, which leads to increased participation and empowered employees

    Key Benefits Include :

    • ¬†An unified communication platform that improves engagement
    • Complete integration with the legacy as well as 3rd party applications to streamline the different processes
    • Create discussion boards for individual projects, which will help quicken the pace of development and reduce the turnaround time effectively
    • Disaster recovery and backup functionality helps you maintain a record of your work, and keeps your work secure


    With a host of benefits and the likelihood of having empowered employees, enterprises are gradually incorporating the enterprise portal solutions. As your corporate IT solutions partner, we understand your business goals and needs, and design corporate solutions that will further your business. To know more about our services, you can get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com

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