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Is Your Retail Business Omnichannel ready?

Is Your Retail Business Omnichannel ready

The approach to retail marketing is changing. Success lies in reaching your customers via multiple channels i.e. offline stores, online shops, mobile stores etc. As technology continues to touch every aspect of your customer’s journey, you as the retailer need to ensure your marketing strategies are effective in converting your potential into a customer across multiple channels. You have customers across the multiple channels you have established your presence, which means you need to value them equally. The customer experience across the channels should be similar.

Pushing the Boundaries of Multichannel

With customers buying across multiple channels, a seamless and consistent shopping experience has become important- from the way the channel appears to the customer to the technology used to power the different channels, it is important for retailers to take each point into consideration when accomplishing user experience design. There is a gap that exists between the customers’ expectations and the retailers’ capabilities. There are numerous challenges that the retailer faces in this omni-channel environment which include the technical challenges, organizational silos that exist between the channels and the operation execution.

The demands of online business has evolved in response. Businesses are going beyond the “multichannel” digital experience of mobile, social, and web. They are creating interactive experiences that permeate touchpoints and blur the line between the physical and digital.

Read on to know the drivers of omni-channel success

Businesses that embrace an Omni-channel strategy recognise that their customers digital experiences cannot be dictated. The experience should, however, be accommodated with relevant content that serves the customer s higher need across touchpoints.

  1. Customer centricity
  2. Product and pricing consistency
  3. Unified commerce
  4. Organisational alignment

The requirement for retailers to transition to Omni-channel retailing is clear, but often the right path to get there is not. Finding the right solution for the business starts with defining the vision, identifying the capabilities that enable it, and then creating and refining a roadmap that takes business objectives and operational, technical and financial needs into account.

The path to Omni-channel retailing requires then a long-term roadmap, divided into manageable short term projects linked to clearly identified business goals and oriented to develop the key Omni-channel capabilities.

Let’s see how retailers can accomplish the omni-channel goals they have set

SAP Business one offers the functionality that Omni-channel retailers need to optimise their operations. It provides customers with the information and personalised experience they want at any point in time across all channels.SAP Business One will enable you to be in a position to eliminate some of the most common retail challenges while capitalising on new profitable opportunities.

Here’s how SAP Business One helps retail industry:

  • Streamlines ordering processwhich includes picking, packaging, delivery, and shipment.
  • Streamlinesin-Store &head office operations by seamlessly integrating key business processes like sales, purchase, stocks, Finance& Banking, Reporting etc.
  • Increases sales by avoiding stock-outs; this ensures the right product is available in the store when the customer arrives
  • Retailers can incorporate multi-channel ecommerce by integrating their business to all the major online marketplaces like Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, Zen Cart eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • Retailers can retain their customers by communicating with them using comprehensive CRM and by sending SMS/Email notifications.
  • Tracking of previous orders of customers and extend your business by providing schemes/discounts.
  • SAP Business One enables the retailers to improve stock levels with complete visibility of real time stock data.
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing on time delivery and better services.
  • Real time reports can helps into on time and better decision making process.

Silver Touch offer solutions that add the major pain areas of Retail Industry like ecommerce solution, improving customer experience,data and inventory visibility, secure POS for customer data security ,product availability and fast delivery.

Silver eSynce is an ecommerce solution offered by Silver Touch which can integrate e-Commerce platforms like Magento Enterprise, Shopify, Prestashop, Big Commerce, Magento Community, Zen Cart and market places like Amazon and eBay with SAP Business One ERP Solution. eSync improves productivity by automatingover all retail business functions smoothly.

Sliver Touch is an authorized partner of SAP for over 5 years and has implemented over 90+ SAP solutions in 15+ industry verticals including Retail. Silver Touch Technologies is an SAP Business One partner that is certified and authorised to sell, install, and implement, add-on development, customization, training and support of SAP Business One.

To find out more about SAP Business One Retail Solution, get in touch with our team by calling us on +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 or dropping us an e-mail to info@silvertouch.com

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