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Joomla installation made Much More Easier and Simple

Joomla is stated as the best Content Management System (CMS) under its exclusive quickness of installation process and usage facilities. Joomla encompasses and adjusts to all possible upcoming factors for the best performance.

Widely appreciated Joomla features are:

Quick and easy Installation:

There are numerable ways of Joomla installation. But one-click installation is the best and the most easiest way of installation process. It is reliable too, which is thereby offered by many hosting providers. If you wish to buy Web hosting service then you must surely look for a service that offers One click installs. Joomla offers exclusive list of one click web hosting providers who can install wizard for various services. Such services can guide you through a simple click instructions.

Traditional server installation:

Depending upon personal requirement, it doesn t get compulsory for all to have one click installation. You can install it manually too. It gets quite easy if you just know some basic steps to work out systematically. Make sure you have high speed internet to make Joomla installation run quickly with ease as it will be uploading multiple heavy loaded files on your server.

Take a look on the following basic things, before installing the Joomla files for successful results. Do check your hosting account information from your web hosting service provider. It should have minimal number of requirements for the installation process consisting PHP 4.2.x or above, MySQL 3.23.x or above and Apache 1.13.19 or above. Most probably, these requirements will surely match with Web hosting accounts.

  • First of all, visit the Joomla site and download the Joomla software. This will help you to download zipped files of the installation. Choose the location on your computer and save these files.
  • After the downloading process, open those files on FTP server such as Filezilla or any other FTP server. Do enter your hosting account, username and password to get connected to the hosting account. Then, you need to drag and drop the zipped Joomla files into the public_html folder or any other folder which you want to use the Joomla directory in. Wait for awhile until the files get transferred to the server. You can mark the progress of the transfer process in the bottom screen of your FTP software program. And finally close your FTP uploading program as you finish.
  • Thirdly, by opening and revisiting you can check out your Web browser and your hosting website. Try to locate the manage-hosting account perfectly and then enter the user name and password which is compulsory for entering the Cpanel (your website file dashboard.) Visit your File Directory listing and open the folder where you had saved the Joomla zipped files. Mostly it will be in the public_html directory. Unzip the files using the Unzip command on the toolbar commands above the directory. Do close your Web hosting Cpanel dashboard or other type of dashboard (depending on your hosting company,) and return to your normal Web browser interface.
  • Navigation is a useful feature for browsing your website and joomla files, so try to utilize it. It should be something like: http://mywebsite.com/Joomla (replace mywebsite with the name of your website.)
  • Lastly, note the first Joomla installation screen in the browser and then follow the whole of Joomla installation wizard to complete the installation process.

After the successful installation wizard of your joomla installation, it gets ready to begin the needed downloadable process of the content and images.

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