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    Top 5 IT Trends for Manufacturing Industry in 2017

    Technology is seen to be experiencing revolution lately, and 2017 is expected to see some evolutionary and innovative technology disruptions. With this transformation, the manufacturing industry is also experiencing profit and growth. This industry is in the midst of a technological renaissance that is continuously transforming the way modern manufacturing units look and function. By embracing the recent advancements in IT, manufacturing companies can improve productivity in their plants, maintain an edge with customers seeking innovation and compete against rivals.

    With so many new trends coming up each year, manufacturing industries should consider adapting them in running their business efficiently.

    Here are the top technology trends that will dominate the manufacturing industry in 2017.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence technology benefits multiple sectors of the business. This technology is expected to grow 300% in 2017 as compared to 2016. With the use of responsive robots, AI lets all the departments and employees of the company to take ownership of the manufacturing landscape. Google is assisting manufacturing companies to master the art of Artificial Intelligence by developing a robotic operating system that lets companies inter-operate platforms across various industries at a lesser cost. Artificial Intelligence systems and applications can be expected to dominate in the manufacturing sector coming year.


    Automation has emerged over the last decade in the form of industrial robotics to a great extent with an increase in industrial demand and labor costs. The auto manufacturing and food services industry have been already affected by the advances in automation. Though it is widespread, these unmanned control technologies may not address all productivity concerns. For drawing maximum benefits from industrial automation, companies need to invest in advanced automation tools and processes in addition to having a workforce that can compliment such tools and methods. Some manufacturers believe that greater automation results in less innovation as there is a lack of ideas for improved processes and hence in such companies, robot are implemented to complement and not replace the workforce.

    Digital Twins

    The trend of Digital Twins picked up over the last couple of years and is expected to continue in 2017. This trend enables predictive failure with real-time data and thereby lets companies reduce downtime and maintenance costs. It allows manufacturers to cut down on production and prototyping costs by letting them test it virtually first. By relying on sensor data, a digital twin can guide the manufacturers in improving the build of materials and in turn the ROI of the product. It lets manufacturing companies improve the user experience and efficiency of the product and improve its performance.

    Disruptive Manufacturing

    The face of the manufacturing industry has changed to a great extent in the past few years. The wave of disruptive manufacturing is bound to shake up the future for better. With the use of 3D printing of parts, precision reporting for the elimination of waste and salvaging of waste materials, green manufacturing will be emerging in 2017. Disruptive manufacturing lets you build improved schematics by testing and solving problems with advanced troubleshooting. It will add improved response time, advanced reporting and rapid prototyping to your manufacturing services.

    Advanced Apps

    This year in manufacturing, apps that provide advanced reporting, create instant solutions and seamless field communications are necessary. IoT will come to life in the form of useful and practical solutions. Manufacturers take the help of advanced apps that assist in improving the efficiency of delivering complex manufacturing solutions.

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    These trends of the manufacturing industry are evolving and are expected to continue in 2017. Silver Touch Technologies is proficient IT partner providing innovative manufacturing software and IT services to clients since decades. For all your manufacturing business requirements and concerns, write to us at info@silvertouchinc.com.

    Shruti Vasudevan

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