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    Why Manufacturing Industry Should Think Mobile?

    According to the insights from PWC’s 18th Annual Global CEO survey, 81% of CEOs view mobile technology as a strategic asset for the enterprise. 86% of the CEOs claim that to attain success with a clear competitive advantage, it is essential to have a clear vision on the investment and strategies related to digital technologies within the enterprise.

    In the digital transformation era, the manufacturing industry is under the constant pressure to increase their output, and improve the standards & quality of their products. Expansion to reach newer markets and exceeding customer expectations are the objectives laid out by organizations within the manufacturing industry. If we combine their objectives with the business and digital needs, we would realize the need for strategic &innovative measures that manufacturing companies need to take in order to improve their asset utilization, overall efficiency and reduce the costs of the company.

    With appropriate mobility solutions, the companies in the manufacturing industry can enhance their capabilities and make their resources mobile, thus bringing in critical improvement to business processes. Integrating mobility solutions with crucial manufacturing processes will definitely transform the industry, and bring forth more lean &agile processes.

    According to 70% of the decision makers surveyed by Credencys, with mobility solutions downtime can be converted into productive time.

    Let’s see the benefits that manufacturing industry can yield with apt mobility solutions

    Benefits of Mobility Solutions in Manufacturing

    Manufacturing organizations are looking for real-time visibility that can help improve asset utilization and shop-floor processes. The right mobile solutions will boost growth of the companies, and help them expand to newer markets. Here, we will take you through the benefits of mobility solutions in manufacturing industry

    ● Increases visibility of shop-floor processes, and reduces the gap between top-floor and shop-floor within an organization
    ● Gives real-time insights to key decision makers for immediate actions
    ● Greater accuracy and real-time shipment is made possible with mobile solutions
    ● Asset management and utilization is improved
    ● Improved quality and control over processes, which helps in managing demand-supply chain for the end products
    ● Helps prevent wastage of resources, and induces cost efficiency
    ● Automates the processes thus eliminating redundant processes, and improving the pace of processes
    ● Real-time monitoring and management

    With such amazing benefits, it is necessary for manufacturing industry to adopt mobile solutions that can grant them the increased efficiency and reduced costs for better quality and standards.

    Challenges that Enterprises Face

    While there are several benefits associated with mobility solutions in manufacturing industry, it is only important to view the challenges that are posed in adopting mobile and how it can be overcome

    ● Information & data security when considering mobile solutions for the manufacturing processes poses to be a challenge for the enterprises. They need to adhere to the security compliance, and come out with a perfect security policy for the enterprise, so that even when the data and information is accessed, it does not hamper the security

    ● How the man and machine will interact and integrate within the enterprise needs to be determined with a governing policy, which needs to be defined at a time when the mobility solution is being determined for the enterprise. This can be challenging as the policy needs to take into account all aspects of interaction, and govern it, creating role-based policies

    ● Owing to diversity and fragmentation in the devices, the mobility solutions should be developed for the wide range of devices and operating systems. This can be challenging and can add to development cost and time. The enterprise will need to adopt solutions that have a quick turnaround time with fewer bugs

    Let’s have a quick look at how mobility solutions are transforming the manufacturing industries

    Ways Mobile Helps Manufacturing Companies

    Transparent Distributed Order Management :
    With mobility solutions, the distributed order management system grows more transparent towards sales, thus improving the order fulfillment accuracy. In case of complex products, the purchasing as well as procurement team at the client side require real-time updates. With mobility solutions, these teams can get real-time updates on order status, delivery dates, and other order related alerts, and this can be accessed round the clock from anywhere in the world. Such solutions have been adapted by global leaders, and they have seen a reduction of 76% in their order status calls, and a rise of 13% in overall sales

    Improved Supplier Traceability :
    The quality systems or processes are not integrated with the manufacturing systems in most cases. This is why a mobility solution can prove to be useful as it will help in tracing the suppliers, introducing the quality standards, and help take corrective/preventive actions, as needed to improve quality of the products in real-time. The mobile solutions will pass on real-time information on the quality levels, and help take necessary actions with the insights made available. Manufacturers can use the data to benchmark suppliers in real-time

    Inventory Management & Tracking :
    Knowing the inventory available in the warehouse and the inventory that needs to be ordered is critical to manufacturing companies. This is why a mobile inventory management system will with tracking and reporting systems can help the enterprises with real-time information on the inventory, reports on production status, and the amount to be delivered within a certain time. With mobility, thousands of dollars are saved each year.

    There are other benefits which include order management, order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction which are an outcome of mobile manufacturing systems.

    To ideate the perfect system for your manufacturing unit, you need to partner with the right Manufacturing IT solutions provider. Silver Touch has the right experience and expertise to deliver apt Enterprise Mobility Solutions for your manufacturing unit. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com for more information on our solutions.

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