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    Why Mobile Technology is Impertinent for HR Operations

    Enter a typical workplace, and you will find people hooked to their smartphones, tablets or other devices. Most people bring their own devices to the office, and perform most of the tasks using their devices.  Earlier, when Blackberry was ruling the smartphone market, people relied on their phones to send out emails or important communication. Today, smartphones are used for notes taking, preparing to-do lists, performing a wide range of tasks etc. The use of smartphones or its importance has extended to enterprises as well. A variety of enterprise apps have been devised that help improve productivity within the enterprises, and have led to easy communication between the workforce.

    Human resources department is critical to any organization, which is why mobile investment for this department proves to be an asset. Human Resources (HR) is constantly engaged with increasing employee productivity, harnessing their skills, helping them stay stress free and improve inter-departmental communications. With the ideal mobility solutions, there would be transmission of real-time data, which will enable the workforce to increase their productivity, and meet the desired end goals, thus improving overall profitability of the organization.

    In the real world, managing workflow and managing people are interrelated, and one influences the other. With appropriate mobility solutions, your organization can easily manage both the workflow and people.

    Focus on Strategic Objectives

    Mobility solutions for the HR will help increase employee engagement. The right tools induce sharing, collaborating and innovation, which in turn help in increasing engagement. With these tools performing workforce management and increasing their involvement, the human resources vertical is free to concentrate on the core activities, which will benefit in achieving the strategic objectives. They can identify the right potential, nurture the personnel, improve overall communication, and develop leaders.

    People & Workflow Management

    With the right tools, you can empower your employees, improve workflow management and keep them engaged. Empowered employees will help your organization reduce the attrition rate. When you integrate your human resources tools with the social functionality, you can gain traction faster, and the people within your organization will stay connected with their colleagues, thus increasing collaboration and communication. When employees understand the company mission, and value it they stay with the company, reducing the attrition considerably.

    Saves Money & Efforts

    With mobile self-service, your organization can cut down on the employee cost majorly. What happens here is you are eliminating the use of manual, paper-intensive processes, which in turn reduces the per employee cost. The processes like salary changes, appraisals, job requisition etc. tend to save efforts and costs massively, which in turn helps achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. In fact, companies can expect process savings from 20% to 80% with the help of automated HR processes, which can affect efficiency positively. Workflow management  becomes more flexible and achievable as a result.

    Human Resources is slowly moving towards achieving complete mobility in order to increase transparency and productivity, as well as helping employees be empowered. This will in turn benefit in reducing the attrition rate and the cost per employee majorly.

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