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    The Need for Mobility Solution in the Spa/Salon Industry

    In recent years, more people have started to recognize the importance of physical wellness and the trend has seen a rise in the global beauty industry year on year. Customers today are tech savvy and require services that are easily accessible. Innovation with technology is the key to attracting more clients in the highly competitive salon/spa industry.

    Today, customers first go to Google to search about your salon/spa, gather all necessary information about your brand and decide to approach you only if you have a positive brand image, and the services offered by you meets their wellness needs. Customers prefer convenient means like a mobile app or website to communicate with you and book appointments. For managing multiple appointments and effective functioning of day-to-day tasks, your salon requires a custom-made mobility solution or, web based solutions.

    Here we will see why your Spa/Salon needs a Mobility Solution. Following are the benefits you achieve by using a mobility solution customized exclusively for your business.

    Upgrade Brand Image

    Being high-tech and having an omni-channel presence is the first step towards being up-market. Communicating your brand message and showing the world the services offered by your business is a necessary step to showcase and advertise your brand image. Coming up with new hairstyles or makeup trends is just not enough as you need to convey it to the customers to attract more of them. Getting a mobile app or web-based solution will let you promote your brand better thus improving visibility, which in turn attracts the attention of your customers. Communicating your ideology efficiently and innovatively to potential clients using a mobile solution will help your salon/spa business to stay ahead of your competitors.

    Increase Customer Retention

    Having a custom-made mobile application for your salon/spa business not only lets you create your brand image but also allows you to retain your existing customers. If you have a mobile application that not only lets them know the latest deals & offers available at the salon, but also allows them to book appointments, you get an edge over your competition. Your target audience is definitely going to choose the services offered by you over that offered by your competition. Moreover, keeping them constantly updated and engaged with your promotional deals and offers will keep them loyal to your brand. Retaining the same customers for a longer time will let your salon staff to bond better with them and know their customized requirements, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

    Improve Communication

    To run a business smoothly, seamless integration and communication with customers is very necessary. Customers prefer to connect with you, know about your services, book appointments and give instant feedback, without really putting in much effort in each of these tasks. Having a solution that would integrate communication between your clients and staff will help your clients in managing their time and schedule and benefit your business in the long run.

    Increase Profits

    The ultimate goal of your business is to gain profits by providing reliable and competent services to your clients. Making your services and brand present on the global mobile and web platform will impact your company’s revenue positively. Moreover, the increase in customer retention, higher brand awareness, customer loyalty and better services will help your profits go up the graph.

    Customer Data Accumulation

    Salon/Spa service providers need to study their customers’ preferences and provide customized services specially designed for them. For this, your business needs to have a database that saves the clients’ psychographic data to keep a check on their behavior and preferences. By implementing enterprise mobility solutions to your business, you can suggest your customers’ better grooming products, deals, and solutions based on their requirements.

    Get your salon/spa business integrated with a mobility solution and make your services readily available to your customers. Silver Touch is a leading IT solution provider offering high-end fashion and beauty IT solutions for your business. Write to us at info@silvertouchinc.com with your queries and business concerns.

    Shruti Vasudevan

    Shruti is a technical content writer working with Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. She keeps keen interest in researching and writing on technical topics. She is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Communication and focuses on learning new things.

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