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    Technology is making us limitless but it is getting limited by borders. In the era of a free business environment, some policies are exploiting its flair of creating a digital world and making everything convenient. Drivers of this convenience are often exploited by rules and regulations of foreign policies that narrow their entry gate as well as restrict them to explore their knowledge and applied science.

    One of the most recent example is the new executive order; “Buy American Hire American”, in the United States of America. This policy scrutinizes the H1B Visa policy and emphasizes on buying American manufactured products and hire Americans for jobs and services in United States.

    Observers say that countries like the United States knows that all their needs, especially in IT field, cannot be sufficed by the current talent pool alone in America and it will not just elevate the costing but has the potential to demote the quality.

    As a result of this policy, tech giants like “Intel” and “InfoTech” are setting up their units on the lands of the United States of America. Intel has promised to provide more than 10,000 jobs to Americans and 1,000 jobs are prospected from Infosys. But the level of expertise and innovativeness in comparison with IT Hubs like India provides justification to the anxiety and worry which may consequently present a compromise in efficiency.

    Global Free pass is not only providing cost benefits but there are certain others benefits of getting your job done offshore. Talking just about IT services, outsourcing is serving countless advantages to countries like America and with very less cons. Some attributes of global free pass are invincible and cannot be replaced by any means. For example,

    1. IT Infrastructure:

    In one of the major IT hubs like India, there are more than 1.2 million IT services providers and all of these are accommodated in a mega IT environment which is technologically advanced and well equipped. To have this number of an abundance of sharp minds and such a mega structure, it will take significant time for any country to achieve and while doing that, to ensure work cannot suffer.

    2. Expertise:

    I just provided you the massive figure of total IT firms only in India that has numerous engineers seasoned in IT skills. This figure reaches millions when we talk about IT expertise available across the globe who are determined to deliver flawless solutions cross borders. Some leading IT hubs with a number of IT graduates are:

    ●  IT Graduates in South Korea: 147,800

    ●  IT Graduates in Japan: 168,200

    ●  IT Graduates in Iran: 233,600

    ●  IT Graduates in USA: 237,800

    ●  IT Graduates in Russia: 454,400

    ●  IT Graduates in India: 1 Million

    3. Support System:

    In reference to IT products, they work 24*7 and at any time, they might need a support system. When we talk about global business environments, geographical locations and time zones, which continues to work as per IST zone even when EST shift is over, this plays a very important role.

    4. Higher Profits:

    Business is all about making money while also saving it. Outsourcing saves bundles of it for you! Getting your job done offshore saves a lot of money for you with the benefits of currency differences and at the same time, you are providing an opportunity of earning money to someone at the other end. This deed of global cooperation work towards making new international relations that can satisfy needs at both the ends.

    So in such a pro technological environment, we need cooperation more than restrictions from diplomatic dimensions. Countries supporting technological development should be given a free pass to do business globally and must get support to make an interactive society that works together for the betterment of all.

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