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Partner with Silver Touch for a Successful 2017

Silver Touch- The Right Partner for All SAP Business Solutions

Whether you are thinking to move to an SAP business solution or an existing SAP user looking for professional help in maximising returns on your investment, selecting the right partner is a key that can make a difference in unlocking the full potential of your organisation. In Silver Touch’s years of experience, the company has built three fundamental pillars that contribute to being the most reliable SAP partner on the market.


Of providing the best possible advice across the SAP applications portfolio and delivering a tailored solution that best meets your needs and fully aligns with your business requirements.


Of delivering the next-generation SAP solutions to businesses like yours. Working in partnership with other businesses belonging to the same sector as yours, which are of a similar size and stage of development empowers us to add value in terms of sharing best practice.


Of not only delivering industry-specific solutions but also incorporating the SAP solution into your business and parallel systems thereby assisting you in driving seamless user adoption with 24×7 support.

Silver Touch- An Expert in SAP

Silver Touch is SAP’s accredited Business One Partner in the USA; has achieved Silver status, and honoured as the most reliable SAP Partner by analysts at consultantsreview.com. The company has a dedicated SAP Business One team in the USA that support end-users from both local and international sites belonging to major industries and sectors.

For more than two decades now, we have been assisting our clients to maximise their investment in SAP solutions. Our expertise extends beyond SAP Business One, covering SAP HANA, and the wide range of SAP Eco-System Partners. We carefully understand every aspect of SAP Business One from financial and accounting through to e-Commerce, CRM, Manufacturing and Distribution and how this is best applied and practiced in each industry sector including Wholesale & Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail.

A Track Record of Success

What makes us the best SAP consultant, is the combination of multi-domain expertise and real experience that is earned by working with clients and successfully delivering SAP-based projects.

Our experience of more than two decades spans complex deployments for small businesses to large corporations. It involves working in many different sectors from Information Technology to Manufacturing, from Chemical to Wholesale & Distribution, from Telecommunication and Transportation (Travel) to Food & Beverage covering every element of the organisation from financial management to HR, CRM, Procurement and Process Management.

However different you think your business requirements are, it is likely that we have already experienced it and have practiced similar capabilities for other clients.

We, at Silver Touch, not only help our clients to deploy SAP-based ERP solutions, but we also help them to realise the transformational changes that SAP ERP enables. The outcome is a more efficient, effective and agile working of the business.

Dependable Support- 24×7

At Silver Touch, we provide our customers with 24×7 support from our Global Operation Centre. With many of our clients working round the clock, it is necessary that we be there with highly trained and experienced technicians available to assist them, especially answer your ‘how to’ questions.

Call us on +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 or e-mail at info@silvertouch.com to discuss your business needs and get a free SAP Business One demo.

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