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    Retail Businesses Should think SMAC for Better Services

    The evolution of digital marketing has led to the discovery of innovative technology for improving businesses to become more successful and competitive. With the power of social media marketing, mobile marketing, and data computing, small businesses continue to grow and become as competent as large enterprises. The recent developments in the formula of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) technology has created more room for small businesses to grow and gain improved competitive ability in the market.

    What is SMAC?

    The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud technology is a comprehensive tool that enhances the IT architecture of a business and provides a holistic solution for digital marketing. It pulls together the power of social media, mobile technology, data analytics and cloud computing to help improve the data management system of the enterprises and optimize their digital marketing results. It provides cost-effective digital marketing solutions and develops real-time decision-making processes for small businesses.

    SMAC provides intelligent and smart marketing solutions to small businesses across various industries like healthcare, wholesale, retail and banking. The retail industry has witnessed several disruptive changes in the past years and small firms in the retail sector can use SMAC IT structure to launch a physical store with better business intelligence. Retailers can study the shopping experiences of their customers using data analytics and from their mobile and social marketing data. The collected data and analytics results can be used to enhance the product quality and services in order to drive better customer experiences and satisfaction.

    SMAC Platform for Retail Business

    Let us see how the four dimensions Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud contributes in providing better services in the retail industry.

    Social Tool:

    Customers are considered to be the most valuable asset of a business and hence the social aspect of digital marketing is crucial. The social tool of the SMAC platforms enhances knowledge sharing among members of social media platforms, providing them with a platform for rapid knowledge sharing. This exchange of collaborative information can drive better business marketing results.

    Mobile Tool:

    Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have improved the connection of retailers with their target customers. Mobile technology has rapidly changed the digital marketplace by enabling retailers to market their products and services seamlessly. With more customers preferring mobile shopping, retailers need to make their business savvy with the development and introduction of mobile applications for their business.

    Analytics Tool:

    While the social and mobile tools provide an understanding of the consumer behavior and preferences, the analytics tool analyzes the data collected and draws insights from them. Retailers can improve marketing campaigns, retain customer loyalty and enhance products and services by studying the insights drawn from the customer preferences. The data collected allows business owners in making sound marketing decisions and make changes in business processes that fit the requirements of the customers.

    Cloud Tool:

    With a huge amount of data and overwhelming information, using cloud technology offers solutions for creating an organized IT ecosystem with improved data collection. Data can be made available on the cloud which can be accessed anywhere and anytime and hence helps retailers in cutting down costs of server maintenance and other geographical issues.

    Using SMAC in the retail sector helps in transforming the business in the following dimensions:

    However, using this digital marketing platform helps small and medium retail businesses in improving their business processes and stay ahead of their competitors. Following aspects of the retail business are highly benefited with the use of SMAC technology.

    Improved Business Model:

    Every business has its own business model and business strategy designed to meet the customer expectations and stay ahead of their competitors. Analyzing the market behavior using SMAC technology and tools lets retailers transform their business models with digital products and thereby improve business growth and productivity.

    Enhanced Customer Experience:

    Customer experience and response drives the sales and growth of a retail business. Data analytics reports and social marketing knowledge help marketers to make changes in their marketing strategies, products, and services and provide streamlined business processes for an enhanced user experience. SMAC technology enables retailers to serve their customers with a better shopping experience and continuously make changes according to the changing consumer preferences and trends.

    Better Operational Processes:

    Mobile technology plays a vital role in building a communication channel for exchanging information in real-time that helps in better decision making. It helps in facilitating business information and intelligence faster. Using SMAC, small retail businesses can collect valuable data assets that assist them in optimizing their operational processes.

    The SMAC technology is viewed to be the future enterprise technology that will enable enhanced business performance across industries. Silver Touch Technologies is an experienced IT solution provider for software, mobile and retail industry. We harness the potential of emerging technologies and combine them to deliver promising solutions to businesses across industries. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com.

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