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SAP Business One MRP

Through the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality in SAP Business One, you can maintain an optimum production plan for multilevel production processes. This support replaces informal, ad hoc production scheduling with a structured process using data from various sources to create an accurate picture of your production and supply chain. It adds resource information to requirements planning so you can incorporate machine capacity.

Sources of data include:

  • Bills of materials
  • Inventory data
  • Input from scheduled production and purchase orders
  • Demand derived from actual and forecasted orders

Using the MRP wizard, you can specify timelines, stock, and data sources to be considered in planning. SAP Business One uses this data to make recommendations concerning your material needs – what you ll need, how much and when, as well as your resource needs. Once these recommendations are reviewed, you can generate the production and purchase orders needed to manufacture a final product in the quantity and time specified by the production schedule. This takes into consideration all requirements for product components and resources. The software also helps you plan the purchase of non-BOM items based on sales forecasts, minimum and maximum quantity levels, and demands made through the warehouse

The SAP Business One MRP module can cater whether you purchase your inventory in or you manufacture it yourself.

Key features

  • Accurately predict demand based on forecasts, allowing you to adjust material planning accordingly
  • The planning wizard guides you through the process of creating planning scenarios in a simple step by step process. Scenarios can be run for a range of items or item groups, and once executed, the SAP Business One solution will produce a detailed recommendation report
  • The recommendation report allows planners to automatically select recommended production orders
  • Pre-defined report templates allow you to create detailed reports easily and quickly

SAP Business One MRP benefits

  • Reduce costs by taking into account both minimum order quantities and order multiples
  • Have complete end-to-end visibility of products, from order entry through manufacturing and delivery
  • Make quicker and better decisions by gaining access to timely and accurate information on all aspects of the sales process
  • Reduce stock levels by reducing safety stock and multiple PO s for the same item
  • Reduce errors by improving production scheduling based on better and timely information
  • Modelling – SAP Business One MRP can be run at any time and used for modelling and ‘what if purposes
  • Gain efficiency by automating processes and using integrated production functionality

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