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SAP Business One 9.2 & its Version for SAP HANA Now Available


SAP Business One 9.2 is now availabe for both MS SQL and SAP HANA databases. With this latest release, the version 9.2 has been updated with new enhanced funcationalitiies making it even more favourable for growing companies to optimise their business processes.

Keep reading to find out what it means to you as an existing customer or a first-time user.


Previous versions of SAP Business One i.e. 9.1 and older ones will have no more updates. It will have straight deployment to version 9.2.

Greater and Better Enterprise Mobility

Next-generation mobile apps with SAP HANA capabilities and SAP Fiori design elements are soon expected to be launched. The sales app that was released a few months back empowers sales staff with an intuitive on-the-go solution to all of their CRM needs with more data security.

Proactive Support

The implementations and upgrades for version 9.2 comes with a Support User. There is no longer a need of user license for SAP support consultant to access your system which previously was disruptive as only a few licenses were available for use within a company. This way you can save more time.

With SAP Business One 9.2, as it says, you can run simple anytime, anywhere. With simplified user experience and intuitive functionalities for important business processes, this release has a lot more to amaze. Below are the release highlights:



  • The fields like Item No., BP Catalogue No., Manufacturer Catalogue No. and Resource No. have been increased to 50 characters.
  • Data categories like user group authorisation, data ownership, forecasts, field naming and formatting etc are supported.
  • Human Resource Relationship Map contains all the employee data like hierarchy, organisational chart and teams and roles.


  • It gives better flexibility to define different items of the same product category with different physical attributes. Naming conventions of greater range are supported better.
  • Quick Copy has become more powerful by supporting more objects.
  • With Job Service, you can receive and manage alerts anytime and anywhere.
  • All the HR related data can be easily visualised.

Financial Management


  • You can align postings of journal entries with marketing documents where one row in a journal entry is linked with that of marketing document.
  • For correct revenue recognition, matching principle standards are activiated that complies with standard accounting principles.
  • Fixed assets are automatically created that are equivalent to number of items present in an A/P Invoice.
  • Journal Entry is created automatically when a check is authorised for payment.


  • It gives concrete grounds for more detailed reporting with unambiguous references.
  • Fixed assets of large quantities that have same properties are processed faster.
  • It provides better control in cases of fraud related to checks.

Project Management


  • It combines the data of both financial and project management in one solution.
  • It integrates every transaction, document, resources and activities related to the project in one place.
  • Projects of different sizes and scopes can further be divided into ‘Sub Projects’ or ‘ Phases’.


  • It helps to monitor and analysing the progress of Tasks, Stages and Phases.
  • It manages the entire project from start to end.
  • By helping to analyse budget and costs and accordingly generating reports on different aspects like stage analysis, open issues and resources etc, it enables better project transparency.

Sales | Purchasing | Service


  • Orders of sales or purchase can be reopened when creating credit memos A/P or A/R Reserve Invoices.
  • Improved campaign management that runs the saved campaign again without the need to create a new one.


  • It enables better support to real business scenarios.
  • It improves relations with vendors through greater communication using newsletter or email campaigns.

Business Intelligence


  • Under HANA Model Content, semantic layers such as CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Stock etc. are enhanced.
  • Pervasive Analytics Designer gives more options to analyse business data and create more powerful dashboards.
  • Excel Reports are built with Interactive Analysis Report Designer that is fully integrated with SAP Business One.
  • Intelligent Forecast feature gives statistical forecast with the help of built-in models, trends and other factors and those results can further be used in MRP wizard.


  • It facilitates better analysis of business data and you can build dashboards and KPIs.
  • You can use Excel with its plugin for easy reporting, manipulation of data and layout design that again enables better decision-making.

Inventory | Distribution


  • Pick and Pack Selection Criteria has improved with more options along with Pick and Pack Manager.
  • Inventory Revaluation feature lets you set the standard valuation of an item cost.


  • You can update prices globally in a simpler and intuitive way which is much more efficient.
  • Pick and Pack features comes with better flexibility and control of picking items.
  • Inventory Revaluation gives better visibility and control tracking inventory costs.

MRP | Production


  • MRP Wizard is updated with expanded selection criteria.
  • Forecasting feature lets you create and maintain forecasts for items based on different warehouses.
  • It creates a budgeted production cost that can later be compared to the actual cost.


  • Item selection can be handled more specifically with more flexibility.
  • Forecasting of items help you select sales orders in a more efficient way.
  • With budget to actual cost comparision, you can have a better visibility on production variance calculation.

Lifecycle Management


  • One setup wizard lets you manage installations and upgrades.
  • Log file management has been improved with a central access to all the support information.
  • Predefined support user does not require additional license and yet performs perform maintenance and support tasks.


  • For better supportability & maintainability, it has simplified landscape management.
  • You can easily identigy log files and trouble shoot issues.
  • SAP HANA health checks automatically resolve issues. Regular backups for SAP HANA databases are scheduled that deletes old backups thereby saving time.
  • No more disruption to business as no logging out during maintenance is required.

Platform | Extensibility


  • It allows securely accessing of SAP Business One through a browser. It supports hybrid mode which means that users can have the choice to operate the software in Browser Access mode or Microsoft Windows Desktop.


  • Installing and upgrading client software is eliminated.
  • Lifecycle management has become simpler than ever with reduced ec-system effort.
  • Total cost of ownership has significantly reduced.
  • You can securely access from just about any location through a compatible browser.
  • With a single source of truth, it enhances data integrity.

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