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Why Should You Integrate the Point-of-Sale with SAP Retail System?

POS software in the SAP retail system

A multi-channel business strategy is a must for your business’ growth in today’s competitive business environment. However, that alone does not deliver the best results. If you want to take your business to new heights, you must invest in the technology that streamlines your management operations. That’s what the integration of POS (point of sale) with the SAP does for your business.
Customers’ demand has skyrocketed when it comes to the shopping experience. Some buyers want to place orders online and collect their goods from the brick-and-mortar store, while others want the purchase, payment, delivery, and other options online. Managing all these functions on different apps can get quite challenging for businesses. Plus, the process of transferring the data from POS to ERP solutions can be super time-consuming. There is also a risk of error. That’s why more and more companies are now looking for POS integration with SAP to ensure an efficient and smoother management process.

Efficient Management
SAP integration with the POS means you can track and manage inventory, finances, sales, and other aspects of your business from a single place. It gives you clear visibility of your business and financial performance, allowing you to gather business and customer data seamlessly. It builds customer loyalty, enhances efficiency, and increases your business growth.

Saves Time and Prevents Error
If you have not integrated your SAP retail solutions with the point-of-sale software, you must be entering your business data on each app manually. Not only is the process inefficient, but this can lead to a number of errors in the data entry. Besides, you can never check the stock levels, finances, employees performance, sales, revenues, loyalty programs, and other metrics from a single centralized system. You have to switch apps to collect the required data.

Effective Management of Sales and Income
The SAP and POS integration save you the time and cost of having multiple interfaces. Once the systems are connected, you can use the POS features on your SAP software app. It is quite convenient for people to manage their customer data, payment details, inventory levels, and other crucial business information in a single system.
This data is transferrable. You can also make edits however you like. The integration allows you to see the whole sales funnel on one screen, thus making it easier for you to make informed decisions based on your sales and revenue data.

Evolves Over Time
The retail sector is constantly evolving, especially in the post-covid world where new technology and tools have brought some of the biggest transformations in these industries. It’s easier to implement the changes in your POS and SAP retail software system when they are combined into one integrated model.
It also means that you can provide your sales and marketing teams with the latest and up-to-date systems for better management operations. Every retail industry is likely to evolve over time. Businesses that embrace these changes and implement the new technology are likely to grow.

Easy to Operate and Manage
It is a lot easier to manage the combined apps instead of transferring data between these solutions and making changes to each system separately. For example, it’s easier to craft your financial statements when you can access the sales, revenues, losses, and other financial information from the SAP retail software. You don’t have to check the POS and SAP repeatedly to find relevant information.

End-to-end Management Solution
Another biggest advantage of the POS integration with SAP retail is that it offers you an end-to-end management solution. Each system has customized features that are designed to meet and streamline the management requirements. In addition to that, you get access to data anytime and anywhere. You could also share the data with your team and allow them to access just about any information – whether it is about their payroll or inventory levels – from their smartphones.

From lower management costs to efficient operations and easier access to business information, there is no denying that SAP integration with the POS can benefit your business in many ways.

Silver Touch is one such IT company, offering innovative retail management and POS software solutions for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. They have an automated software system to streamline complex business operations. They can also help you integrate the SAP with POS. Hire IT experts at Silver Touch and enjoy efficient and smoother management operations.

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