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All You Need to Know About Single-Stack E-Commerce Solution


Mid-market B2B companies don’t want to take on the hassle of integrating different systems but instead want something that works as a whole unified system, in a more easily managed business environment. What makes them go for such a packaged solution is the need for real-time data access and increased agility. Choosing an all in one technology system makes the maintenance process easy, provides greater agility, streamlines business processes and removes the need of hiring specialised IT staff. Businesses deploying single-stack solutions are enjoying far greater success than others using the best-of-breed software. Whilst enabling B2B e-Commerce improved metrics such as cross-sell, up-sell, profitability per client and new customer acquisition, SMEs running a single platform for e-Commerce with other systems integrated such as ERP, CRM, and inventory and order management reported the same improvements at a significantly greater rate.

However, single stack technology is actually out of reach for most B2B businesses as how can their IT landscape be single stack when their e-Commerce platform resides outside of their core business platform which needs to be integrated. Therefore a single-stack e-Commerce solution has been introduced that integrates e-Commerce with your existing ERP system mainly to support a great omni-channel experience. It uses the business information and intelligence stored in your ERP system and deepens the customer engagement, which is vital for repeat conversions by automating a huge part of the buying journey. The user experience is separated from business aspects of the ERP system and none of the business objects are duplicated or maintained on separate platforms. It enables high-quality back-office processes that facilitate the order and inventory management, billing, and fulfilment. It is relatively more convenient as it is global, personalised, and accessible round the clock. It gives you the ability to smoothly introduce and manage new sales channels, empowers your employees, and lowers the overall IT costs.

B2B companies that are not active in e-Commerce can risk losing their market share to their digitally advanced competitors. Integrating your web store with an ERP system as a single stack e-Commerce solution ensures a real-time connection between the customer and back-end processes, making it possible to seamlessly and quickly switch among channels. It stores all your operational and transactional data in one place, your ERP system.

Consider the efficiencies of the single-stack approach and embrace the benefits of better customer engagement, direct relationship with customers and gain a competitive edge thereby saving money through a more efficient customer support model in single stack architecture. Silver Touch Technologies can help you increase your ROI from your ERP system whilst ensuring it remains the single stack. We can help you create a more holistic customer journey, where your business will consistently recognise and engage the same customer at every step, in every functional area, and through every channel, nurturing the relationship before, during, and after the sale.

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