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It’s time to size up your Business Management Software

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Businesses today, have grown beyond boundaries and deal with huge amounts of data that come from various channels. They have to handle a large operational force, manage complex supply chains, deal with multiple currencies, adhere to various regulatory bodies depending on the geographic location and manage customers from across the world. Is your business management software solution adding to your woes? The key to an efficient IT solution is to get a system that is easy to scale, caters to all your business requirements and most importantly stands the test of time. Unfortunately, solutions that got you to your current size may not be sufficient to power you through to the next level of growth. This is how SAP Business One can help you!

  • The software presents you with a single accurate source for all the critical information in real-time that gives you a complete view of your business. You have all the critical information at your finger-tips.
  • The CRM and eCommerce capabilities of the system keeps you informed across sales, financials and distribution.
  • Generates workflow based alerts that trigger automatic responses for critical business events.
  • The system can be easily scaled and adapted to suit every business niche and gives business owners the upper hand.
  • Streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating key business processes and recording accurate data eliminating any chance of discrepancy.
If supply chain management is a key factor to the success of your business the SAP Business One ERP solution is a sound investment. The system not only keeps you posted with all the necessary information, it makes it easier to make informed business decisions. SAP Business One software helps you manage supply chain by:

  • Optimizing production scheduling by taking into account the production data, warehousing necessities and the execution of quality assurance measures.
  • Using the “Pull” strategy to balance material and capacity across extended supply networks.
  • Employ supply chain visibility and sales forecast to guide and assign work for operators.
  • Automates processes to remove errors and eliminate unwanted processes, thereby drastically reducing the cost of manufacture and logistics.
  • Track and monitor inventory levels with contrast to customer purchase patterns.
  • Facilitate better communication with vendors through electronic data sharing tools, thereby ensuring on time delivery.
In a recent article on supply chain sustainability, Patrick Burnson the executive editor for Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review magazines and mentioned that “Supply chain management’s role in sustainability is becoming more key to strategic growth. The degree to which companies are in a position to respond to this call will to a great extent determine their future sustainability. Grappling with these issues will be the key challenge in the year ahead.”

He goes on to emphasize the importance of an efficient supply chain management system to boost the growth of your business. Take up the opportunity to give your business a complete management solution through the SAP Business One ERP solution.

Silver Touch globally has been a partner of SAP for over 5 years and has implemented over 90 solutions in 15+ industry verticals. Our services span across SAP Business One license procurement, implementation, installation, customization, training, SAP B1 support and integrating add-ons.

To leverage the most from SAP Business One and learn how your business can benefit from the technology, get in touch with our team. You can give us a ring at +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 drop us an e-mail at info@silvertouch.com

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