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SMEs running ERPs have 11% lower operational costs


Never before have the conditions been better for small and medium-sized companies to grow. Not just the small, incremental growth — huge, unprecedented leaps forward. We are talking in terms of operational costs, better financial management, CRM and project management capabilities. Today, SMBs are found to generate vast amounts of business data and managing this data can be quite a challenge. To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need access to technology that can simplify, manage, control and reduce risk. SAP Business One solutions help small and midsize businesses turn every data source into real business value — and more confident decisions. These affordable solutions are designed to work with your existing infrastructure and to scale with your business. Here’s how we would implement the SAP-based ERP to help you manage your business and focus on your goals.

Enhance visibility and collaboration across your business with data you can trust

Having the right kind of information at the right time can make all the difference between a well informed business decision and a hasty step. With the SAP Business One solution, we would be able to provide you with all the critical data across finance, customer operations and sales. All of this data would be made available company- wide in a single well integrated system eliminating any discrepancy. The system is designed to give you undivided visibility into the current status of your business and judge its performance.

Monitor, manage and improve financial performance in real time

The ERP provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that help manage and streamline your company’s financial operations. The system enables you to accurately manage cash flow, handle multicurrency transactions, track assets, monitor budgets and project costs. It also makes banking and reconciliation easy and quick. Effortlessly generate bank statements and manage payments through various channels – check, bank transfers and cash. The system automates every-day accounting tasks making it easy to maintain ledger, handle tax calculations, etc. Also, the tool helps create reports from real-time data to plan your business and audit reviews.

Drive sales and increase customer engagement at every channel

Customers are the core contributing factor to the success of any business. Today, companies identify Customer Relationship Management as one of their top priorities. A well integrated ERP system helps you handle the same in a systematic manner. Through SAP Business One solutions, we make managing the entire sales process and customer life cycle easy and efficient. The various tools enable you to track and manage sales opportunities right from the point of contact to closing. You can also create, analyze and manage marketing campaigns and asses its impact. The software stores all the customer data in one place and provides you with a dashboard to manage the same. You can also create detailed reports on the various aspects of sales such as pipeline tracking, sales forecasting and so on.

Innovate faster so you can get to the market faster

In order to make the most of your innovations, you should be able to get it to the markets before your competitors get there. For a business to come up with innovative solutions in their respective niche, they should be armed with all the necessary market research and data in a format that is easy to access and use.

The SAP Business One Solution does exactly the same for you. It provides you with all the critical information across sales, finances, operations and customers integrated into one system enabling trouble-free access. The SAP Crystal Reports software and SAP HANA empower the system to create robust Enterprise Resource Planning software that provides you with everything you need to catapult your business to greater heights.

Recent surveys show SAP to be ahead of the game with features like HANA that cater to niche functionality empowering businesses with a tool that fits like a glove. Hence, SAP Business One is the most comprehensive ERP tool to empower your business.

Silver Touch has been a partner with SAP for over 5 years and has to its credit over 90 solutions implemented across 15+ industry verticals. We know SAP Business one in and out and would be able to effortlessly integrate the system with your business model.

Call us at +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 or drop us an e-mail at info@silvertouch.com and our team would be happy to help you.

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