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Technology Advancements & Key Takeaways from Rio Olympics 2016

The Berlin Olympics in 1936 was the first ever sports event to be televised live. In 1964, Tokyo Olympics was broadcasted in color, which was another technology innovation milestone seen at the Olympics event. The last decade has seen an unprecedented advancement in technology for both athletes and fans. The Rio Olympics’ has definitely raised the bar. Apart from being a stage that honors the most celebrated athletes and their talents, this platform also offers to be the training ground for major technological advancement. The involvement of tech-giants such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung and others in this Olympics has also added feathers to its wings.

Read on to know a few technology innovations.

Here, we will talk about a few technology innovations that set Rio Olympics apart from the others. These technologies aim to make the lives of the viewers, the participants and the judges easy.

Capturing Photofinish Images

Earlier, the job of identifying the athlete who crossed the finish line first would be difficult. Only the one with the keen eye could note it. But, with the Photofinish Technology, you will see that the different cameras capture images of the athletes as soon as they cross the finish line, which makes it easy to identify who reached first. The new technology includes a camera Scan ‘O’ Vision MYRIA, which can capture the images in a better and much refined manner; it captures 10k digital photos in a vertical line per second, with amazing quality.

Addressing Security Needs

Security is a major concern in Olympics, what with the sudden rise in roadside crimes. The Rio Olympics has risen to address these security concerns with the security balloons. Four balloons have been stationed with high-resolution cameras to support the security needs. These devices will send the images captured by the 13 cameras that are installed within to the center for Integrated Command and Control which is coordinated by the Army in real-time

Innovations for the Athletes

  • Wearable technology and virtual reality is making it big in the Rio Olympics. The wearable tech being used can mark nanoseconds of difference between medals, which is huge.
  • You will see cyclists using digitally enhanced track bikes that are integrated with Solos smart glasses and cloud-based IBM software that will help in sharing details on speed, power and rider pace in real-time with their coach. These analytics will help the coach understand the situation better, and help the cyclists in perfecting their form.
  • Nike has come out with aerodynamic suits, sunglasses and body tape for the runners, customized to their needs.
  • You will find tiny sensors developed specifically for the divers, wrestlers, and gymnasts that help their coach gain real-time feedback on the athlete and his/her performance.
  • You will also observe use of location-based technology like RFID to help the viewers’ identify the rowers that are racing past, and for the officials to identify the guns being used in the event.

Isn’t this getting bigger and better? What can companies learn from Rio Olympics?

  • Augment Data Analytics:Data analytics solutions helped athletes and their coaches understand their current capacity, and helped improve their form. For enterprises, it is important to understand their current situation, and the areas that they need to improve. Data analytics is the key to improvement and success, as it offers insight into the organization, and helps fix problem areas with real-time information.
  • Incorporate User-generated Content: A lot of the technology innovation has been specifically done so as to improve the user and athlete experience. The innovation has been inspired by the needs of the athlete. You as an enterprise should think of your end user, and produce content that you believe would enhance your end user’s experience. Ultimately, it is the user who will further your business profits.
  • Connected Devices is the Future: Sensors to know the athletes performance, RFID tags to identify the guns and rowers etc. are all pointing towards connected devices ruling the future of technology. Companies should leverage the power of Internet of Things to create more capable products and services that can enrich user experience. It is time to offer real-time insights for better decisions.
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