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How Technology is Redefining the Fashion Industry?

The Fashion Industry is highly competitive and has changed to a great extent in the last several decades. It is constantly evolving and with Digital Revolution, it changes faster than ever. Technology has made this industry flexible to change and has played a significant role in turning the entire industry inside out. This industry includes designers, manufacturers, retailers and importers who for keeping up with the crowd have adopted various methods for designing and marketing their products. From learning from retail catalogues in the 80 s to getting updates on your fingertips in today’s time, the revolutionary technology has made it easy for the consumers to keep themselves constantly updated about the trends.

It can be seen that the change that this industry is going to adopt in the coming months or years is unpredictable. However, it is necessary for the retailers, manufacturers and consumers to keep in touch with what’s cutting edge. Following are the major technology trends in the fashion industry that plays a compelling role in redefining the entire industry.

Wearable Technology

Smart watches are the most prominent examples of wearable technology, but the rage goes beyond it. With advancement in technology, designers have succeeded in designing apparels and accessories that can do everything from charging your smartphone to monitoring your pulse rate. Manufacturers have come up with wired and lightweight garments and accessories that enable the user to charge their smartphones and various other devices. It also includes clothes embedded with chips that can be used to track the location of items and people using a connecting application. Google Glass is another famous example of wearable technology that has brought a marginal impact in the fashion industry.

Smartphone Shopping Experience

One can relate to the idea of doing a lot of research on the internet to decide what type and brand of clothes would look nice on them before buying them. When in a confusion which colored trouser would go with the new shirt they just bought, one chooses to do research on their phone about it. With the evolution of technology, the use of smartphones to purchase and shop has been widely adopted. It is seen that smartphones are redefining the way manufacturers and retailers are connecting with the consumers. Personalized advertising and attractive virtual showrooms that meet the demands of the shoppers attract customers to enjoy a mobile-optimized shopping experience.

3D Printing

3D printing has evolved in the recent years and has brought transformative change in the fashion industry. In the era of internet and smartphones, this innovative technology is opening new doors to manufacturers and designers for innovatively producing and designing clothing. One might not even realize that the bag they are carrying or the jewellery they are wearing could have been entirely designed using software and computers rather than skilled designer hands making them. This technology features software like CAD that makes pattern designing and prototyping easier. There is less wastage of raw materials and is less expensive. This technology is widely accepted today and has made the design procedure simpler.

Digital Fashion Fests

The fashion world has seen a tremendous change in the past decade and with the evolution of technology, fashion events have elevated to new heights. Designers and Production companies are using technology to organize fashion events. Apart from being a stage to unveil the latest fashion trends, fashion shows today are a technological extravaganza. From retailers and bloggers broadcasting the events live, to spectators posting their opinions on social media, such events help shoppers and buyers in making efficient purchase decisions by referring to it on the internet.

These are the major technology trends that can help manufacturers and designers in enhancing their fashion business. Though fashion keeps on changing continuously, the technology is here to stay and advance. By adapting technology, retailers and brands will be able to embrace innovation in designing and producing apparels and clothing that would provide a profound impact on the way consumers see and consume fashion.

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