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    The Growing Need of Mobile App in Travel Industry

    “We didn’t see mobility & the Internet becoming such a big thing in 1995” ~ JormaOllila

    In this digital era, travel and mobility walk hand-in-hand, delivering excellent user experience and thriving on customer satisfaction. Studies have confirmed importance of mobile marketing, and how the improved performance of mobile metrics has helped further the travel and hospitality industry time and again. Despite having proven itself time and again, many players in the travel industry constantly question the need for a mobile app to carry out their operations.

    The travel industry is a five trillion dollar ever-evolving industry, which has embraced mobile apps combined with web globalization. The mobile app has revolutionized the way travelers plan their travel or explore new places. A good travel application helps research new places, make bookings, find must-visit places and assist the traveler in exploring the place. With the increasing engagement and response from the traveler, the integration of travel & mobile app has become a necessity. This is probably why most businesses are looking at investing in a mobile app.

    Still not satisfied with this argument? Let’s look at some facts that support this theory

    Some interesting facts that direct at the need of mobile apps for travel industry

    ●  Travel is the 7th most downloaded app category
    ●  Approximately 85% of users plan their travel using mobile apps
    ●  72% post about their travel on social media platforms
    ●  46% use smartphones to check-in to social media platforms; 30% use mobile apps to find the best hotel deals while 29% use the mobile apps to look for flight deals
    ●  8% users check weather using a mobile app while 49.1% account for using the map features
    ●  1% use the GPS feature to search for a place
    ●  1% book their tickets through a mobile app
    ●  1% use mobile apps to look for must-visit places in town

    This should give you an idea on how mobile has become an integral part of the travel industry. Wait, there’s more!

    Tourism is a huge business, and one of the biggest industries that is Tips to Manage Supplier Risk Involved in Transportation Management responsible for both direct as well as indirect economic impacts. According to some statistical data, the travel market in U.S. could go beyond $8 Bn in value this year. It is seen that the mobile travelers are more likely to be attracted by the brands and advertisers. Income, demographics and travel habits also suggest a lot about the travelers and whether or not they will use a mobile app to book their travel.

    Again an increased adoption of smartphones has led to users going smart with their travel bookings. A significant number of bookings are made online. These apps are being monetized using certain revenue models that have been pre-determined by the travel businesses.

    Mobile apps are mostly used when people need to make last minute bookings. A day prior to check-in people use their smartphone to book the hotel. These points tell us how useful mobile apps are when you need to complete a booking urgently.

    In this era where users are focusing on completing their travel research and bookings using a smartphone, the travel businesses need to adopt strategies that can offer seamless user experience across the various channels.

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    Let’s have a look at how travel experience can be enhanced omni-channel.

    When you are talking about travel, your audience is experiencing it across multiple channels, from smartphones to tablets. It is important your app gives out similar experience for all the channels.

    Personalize Travel

    When you customer gets a message that has no relevance to them, they might get frustrated. Continuing this practice would prevent your customer from being with you or, referring you to anyone in future. You should always work on the insights that you have received for your target audience.

    Personalize your offerings for the audience based on their travel habits, the segment that they have been classified into and their preferences. Big Data solutions can help you gather insights on the target audience, and personalize their shopping experience. For a travel company, personalization is one of the biggest means of improving conversion.

    Enhance User Experience

    For any travel business, it is important to work on the user experience. If you are unable to give out the experience desired by them regarding the features and usability of your mobile app, you might not be able to convert your users. Conversion rate optimization is the second most critical aspect of travel mobile apps after personalization of travel.

    If you have indicated personalized travel means to get your audience to visit your website, all your efforts will go in vain if you are unable to deliver the experience your user desires. Your audience should be able to get the same experience while viewing the mobile app as they would when viewing the app on their tablet. They should be able to view the details at a glance, and pinch zoom feature should be introduced in the mobile app in order to enhance the experience.

    Photos for the mobile app should be such that they can be viewed on the small screen without any issue. High resolution images are preferred. Loading speed and performance of the app are concerns that should be resolved at an earlier stage.

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    Booking through mobile app should be possible with ease.

    Gradually, the wearable tech is gaining popularity in the digital era. A lot of companies are floating their wearables that are aimed for various purposes. With the integration of wearable tech and travel apps, experiential travel will gain a boost. It is just a matter of time when mobile apps will be created for the wearable technology.

    This massive need from the traveler and the growing use of smartphone has indeed led to a growth in the mobile apps being developed for the travel industry. 2016 has been challenging and full of opportunities for the travel business. Newer arenas have been ventured which have allowed travel businesses to embrace technology and build scalable applications for omni-channel.

    The evolving preferences and technology will step up travel needs in the coming times. You will need to partner with the perfect solution provider in order to boost your business and reach out to more people. Silver Touch offers diver travel & hospitality IT solutions that include mobile-centric and enterprise applications. Get in touch with at info@silvertouchinc.com to get insights on our capable solutions.

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