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    How User Insights can Help Attract and Retain Citizens in E-Government Services

    Empowering citizens by leveraging technology and using the positive impacts of digitalization helps in providing more efficient and transparent services to the public. This has served the purpose of building trust in the citizens for the government. The ultimate goal of the e-governance services is to provide information to the public about what the government is working on and what policies they are undertaking. When there is transparency in the system and when these services are available to them more cost efficiently and in lesser time, users find it trustworthy.

    To attract citizens to trust and use e-government services, the organizations need to keep the users informed about their plans and actions. It helps the users when the duration of the project, the response time and process steps are transparent to the users. Also, the information has to be available online and readily available to them. E-government services have to be flourished online like online shopping services, to make it easy for both the individual users and the businesses to grow and take advantage of the services.

    Gaining user insights can help e-government services to draw more citizens into adopting it.

    To contribute to the goal of having more citizens to use e-governance services, the governing bodies and organizations need to consider the following conditions.

    Being Open to Public

    The government needs to build trust in the citizens by being open about their work. Users expect security of their personal data and clarity on how their confidential data is used by the public authorities. To keep the users aware about how their sensitive data is used, the e-governance service has to provide clear visibility across all its sectors. Setting up transparency in information and data and being clear about the services will set standards of the organization amongst the citizens. The organization has to meet the set service delivery levels and targets to be efficient. With such a practice of setting standards, the users know what to expect from the service.

    Provide Accessibility and Support

    For any service to be productive and profitable, it should be easily available to its users. E-government services have embraced digital technology and gone paperless. Users expect these services to be readily available with a mere click on their phones from anywhere and anytime they want. Also, in case they face an issue, they want it to get resolved quickly and hence they expect to have a fully functional support system. You need to have online portals providing information and data about your services. Even today, one in three public governance websites are not mobile friendly, while a majority of users access the internet on their mobile phones. Transparent access and quick problem resolution calls for more users and builds trust in them.

    Analyzing User Analytics

    Government organizations can know how their users are taking the services that they provide by using analytics. They can improve the service response by keeping a track on the data and analytics of the online portal. User analytics helps to a great extent what the user’s needs are by knowing the volume and frequency with which the service is being used. One can know what is most searched on the web portal and what services are burdensome for users and make changes in the portal accordingly.

    Successfully attracting more businesses and citizens to the online channel will contribute to user empowerment and growth in the digital business of public services. Silver Touch Technologies is an expert IT partner catering to software solution needs of the global clientele since more than two decades. We have extensive technological capabilities in providing e-governance solutions and services. For all your software requirements, write to us at info@silvertouchinc.com.

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