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Voice Assistant is Set to Revolutionize e-Commerce Industry

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Voice Shopping- It’s like a dream come true for every customer right? According to the survey, the eCommerce Industry is rising. Voice Assistants are all set to revolutionize the commerce to play a dominant role in customer interaction.

With the rapid growth seen in online shopping, there is a perception that new technologies are streamlining and improving the e-commerce experience of the customer. Recently Amazon has released the latest smart speaker who called as Alexa voice shopping service. This Google voice shopping product would allow you to make the purchase online with only using the sound of your voice.

In general terms, Alexa voice shopping is a kind of service that allows you to place an order through the online retail shop using Voice command only. Isn’t it great!! For example, if you have Alexa shopping product at home, then you can ask google voice shopping assistant by saying ‘Alexa order coffee from Newman s Own K-Cups.’ There the Alexa would find the price and ask you to continue. You can say ‘Yes’ and your order is placed. Now, sit back and relax your order will arrive at your doorsteps within a few minutes.

If we check the voice shopping statistics of Google and Amazon Echo, then more than 50 million Alexa shopping products are sold so far. Where people are using it to keep a track on their order and beside this people are using google voice shopping speaker to listen to music and to know the weather, setting timers and asking random questions to test their speaker. But till now their no real voice shopping statistics from which we can conclude which is better Google or Amazon.

Why Voice Shopping?

We know that today in this digital age, information is readily available at your fingertips. As there is an increase in technology advancement, the user expectation is also increasing.  Customers in today’s time mainly use on-demand apps with surfing online products and experience comfort at their home place. With using this Google voice shopping, one can quickly deliver products at home with giving a fantastic and relaxing shopping experience. Now no more writing reminder on paper and stick on the refrigerator, Alexa shopping has made your hands-free. One can make a voice command to track their stuff within a minute or two.

When is this technology most useful?

This Alexa shopping technology gives benefits to those users who are making the repetitive purchases. The Alexa voice shopping assistant will store all your purchase in lightweight decision column. So, no more forgetting paper towels/toothpaste on your grocery list or to buy any household things check the inbuilt store and you’ll get to know. Additionally, google assistant will set a reminder for you with asking ‘would you like to reorder now’? Without even need to remember the list of product or interacting with any customer, your purchase will be ordered with ease.

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What about Privacy with Google voice shopping?

This is for all internet users that to get something one should give up some level of privacy and to shop online. The device is storing your record for easy customer usage and predicting its behavior. But still some people are very concern about their privacy and worries about it, but this won’t matter for half of the individuals who are showing their true convenience in purchasing online.

To Conclude

In the end, we can say that E-Commerce is characterized by easy usage and based on what technology embodies. The voice assistant will play a more significant role in purchasing behavior. You’ll see limitless possibilities that will lie in coming future. So get ready to embrace the voice recognition which will meet your expectation of online shopping experience. If you’re looking for eCommerce Development Services, then Silver Touch is one of the best options to customize your shopping solution. Contact us at info@silvertouch.com 

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