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    How Xamarin Helps Evolve Mobile Optimized Development Cycle?

    In a fragmented mobile ecosystem, where there are thousands of devices that differ in form factor, operating systems, sizes and resolutions, it has become imperative for the product development teams to offer quick iterations and release the products quickly to the market. With the enterprise mobility taking a leap, and continuous integration becoming quintessential, test automation with a focus on DevOps seems to be gaining importance. By streamlining DevOps in a continuous integration environment, you can achieve continuous delivery, which helps gain the competitive edge with high-performance and innovative solutions.

    The mobile ecosystem faces numerous challenges in maintaining quality of the app, and releasing feature-laden apps with fewer to no bugs. The incredible combination of Xamarin and Microsoft helps offer end-to-end mobile app solutions that aim at mobilizing your business and increasing its agility. With DevOps, you can easily leverage on your technology investments, increase efficiency within the business and develop scalable apps. Finding bugs and fixing them is easier in this case, even before the app reaches the end users.

    A lot of people believe that need for testing has been reduced with DevOps. Quite the contrary! With DevOps, testing has been introduced into the mainstream of your app development process and is basically a continuous thing. For example, during the CI cycle and code commits from multiple developers, testing is used in order to verify and validate the merges.

    Test orchestration and automation is also important when conducting testing for the DevOps ecosystem, which depends on the testing methodology (test-driven development, behavior based test creation and others).

    Read on to know importance of Automated Testing

    Delivering rich mobile experience across multiple platforms and device configurations is exceptionally challenging in this fragmented and complex mobile ecosystem. Till now, testing process was manual, which did not translate into quality that is a necessity for the mission critical apps.

    Automating testing has helped in quick iterations and faster releases of apps and app upgrade. You are challenged with less time and require quality solutions, and then automating app testing is just what you need.

    You not only need the right method but also the right tool for automating testing.

    Choosing an Automated Testing Tool

    Before moving on with the points to keep in mind when selecting an automation tool, it is important to know when test automation makes sense.

    In an environment that calls for repetitive tests

    ● When you need to perform frequent regression testing iterations
    ● When your app testing requires you to simulate large numbers of users
    ● Automation is needed when acceptance testing requires stable UI
    ● When manual testing does not really fulfill your critical testing needs

    In the above mentioned cases, you require automated testing scenario to be recreated so that you can fully test the potential of your app, and remove errors.

    Following parameters define how you can select an automation tool

    ● Does the tool come with multi-platform support?
    ● Can you reuse scripts with this tool
    ● What is the lead time offered for new OS version or device?
    ● Is the test workflow efficient?
    ● Does it possess room for feedback?
    ● What are the integration capabilities offered by the tool?
    ● Is the app deployment quick and efficient?
    ● Does the tool offer service & support capabilities?
    ● How quickly does it analyze and generate the reports?

    Based on the answers to these questions, you can determine the tool for automated app testing.

    Xamarin for Automated Testing

    Automating testing using Xamarin Testing is one of the major ways in which Xamarin and Microsoft are modernizing mobile DevOps and transforming the entire mobile app development ecosystem. This is to deliver apps quickly, thus adding value and quality to user experience.

    Xamarin promises to automate testing for not just huge number of devices but also offers lead time for new OS releases and device configurations, which helpbeat the competition in this fragmented mobile ecosystem.

    There are times when you need to test the failure of the device manually, just to examine the state of your app & device. With Xamarin Test Cloud you can perform real-time debugging on multiple device configurations simultaneously. The tests can be performed as soon as the developer commits, and the feedback is given to the developer to incorporate on immediate basis. The real device is manipulated using a browser, offering insights into the app thus resolving complex issues.

    It is always good to perform Beta testing before going live with your app, as it helps identify the device specific edge cases as well as user paths that the automated tests may have missed out on.  With this Beta testing, you can identify several issues and address them before the app hits the target audience. Xamarin offers apps that allow you to perform Beta testing as well as run automated test scripts for continuous testing environment.

    You can create your own test scripts and use powerful testing framework to simulate the situation and test your apps for user experience. Integration with CI systems like Jenkins and TFS is made possible with Xamarin Test Cloud.

    As official Xamarin  partner, Silver Touch offers rich and high-performance cross platform xamarin app development services and testing services that help you improve the time-to-market, thus giving an edge over the competition with your competent product.

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