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    Mobile App Testing Benefits with Xamarin

    In the last decade, enterprise apps have acted as the biggest game changer in the corporate world. They allow your employees to stay connected, share & collaborate and make informed decisions in real-time. With faster decision making, the go-to-market time has reduced significantly for new products and services, which has given enterprises the much needed competitive edge.

    We live in a world where continuous integration is needed in order to reduce the launch time, and offer high-performance and innovative solutions. Xamarin offers not just continuous integration, but also allows you to test your apps in real-environment across 2000+ device configurations.

    Testing is an important part of the mobile app development process, given that testing helps you release bug free apps, thus raising your bar. When you outsource the whole development or, just the testing part of mobile app development, you need to have a complete knowledge on the testing process followed by the partner company.

    This is the business end of app development and has a significant bearing on its potential. For development & testing, Xamarin offers an automated environment which makes the complex and highly fragmented world of mobile devices easy to manage and pretty accessible.

    Xamarin Mobile App Testing Benefits

    Comprehensive Testing

    Testing is the most crucial aspect of the mobile app development cycle. It is obvious that testing has to be full-proof before the enterprise app is ready to be launched in the market. Xamarin truly rises to the occasion by offering you a comprehensive testing environment where it tests every aspect of the app right from its usability to its functionality. With Xamarin you are not only able to identify the bugs, but also are able to test UX features such as scrolling, double tapping, finger swapping etc. This tool can be used to test both native as well as cross-platform apps.

    Multi-Device/Platform Testing

    In typical corporate environment, your employees are likely to bring in different devices with varying screen sizes that use different operating systems. You cannot leave anyone out of your app ecosystem. Xamarin Automated Testing Cloud solves this problem by testing your app across 2000+ devices running different versions of Android and iOS. Xamarin has constantly been adding new devices to its list and thus serves as the one-stop environment for all your testing needs.

    Real Device Testing

    One significant difference between Xamarin and other xamarin automated app testing platforms is to do with the fact that Xamarin allows for real device testing instead of simulators and emulators. While simulator based testing is widespread but, issues often crop up when the app is installed on actual devices. With Xamarin you would have no such problems as the apps are tested on real devices. These devices are housed in Xamarin facility, and cloud testing allows testers to access it and test the apps in real environment.

    Real-Time Reports

    App developers can get real-time reports and feedback about the performance of the app. In the event of new codes creating issues with your apps user interface or functionality, the developers would be instantly alerted. This instant feedback mechanism helps in cutting down the time required for rolling out an app. Testers would receive reports on key performance indicators such as memory, CPU, battery performance, etc. Reports can be compiled during the testing cycle and compared to find bottlenecks and solve them.

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    Xamarin Test Cloud is the ultimate app testing tool and for robust app development and testing.

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