E-Commerce Website Re-Designing

E-Commerce Website Re-Designing For U.K. Based Client

  •  eGovernance
  •  Magento 1.7, MySQL

Client is selling eco-friendly products like hair & body products, pet’s products, cleaning products etc. Client has been striving to give people the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from lifestyle, using their knowledge and experience to guide customers through the process from start to finish. Client believes that there is a complete synergy between what is best for customer and what is best for the environment.

ecommerce website redesigning

Client Pain Area

The administrator is unable to manage multiple products, orders, locations and product reviews using the current website. Online payments and customer registration features are available, but they are not as efficient as the client wants.

From management perspective, the current website is not reliable and does not help manage the tasks efficiently.

Business Objectives

Client’s requirement was to re-design an e-commerce website which allows the administrator to manage all products, orders, store locations, newsletters and product reviews and allows customers to register and make online payment.

Client also required implementation of new theme on the top of current Magento set up and set all templates as per custom design. Client required super admin user to manage all website features.

The Solution

Considering the client’s specific requirement, we have proposed to develop the website in Magento open source e-commerce solution with backend as MySQL database. We have proposed to take source from current live site and implement new theme & templates on our staging server. We have proposed to use open source solution because it allows necessary customizations as per requirement.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkMagento
LanguagesPHP 5.x
DatabaseMy SQL 4x/5x Server Database
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
Operating SystemLinux

Existing products, customers and orders database migration to upgraded site.

  • Modern shopping cart facility
  • Share product details to friends by mail or social networking sites
  • Easy and fast online payment with PayPal
  • Multiple discount offers
  • Advanced search facility
  • Multi-currency options
  • Move away from manual processing of products & stocks
  • Easy management of customers, orders, sales, and newsletters by administrator
  • Filtering by price, category, and brands
  • Easily search discounted products on the website
  • Extra shipping discount as per customer’s shipping location