HSIIDC Web portal

Web Application for Infrastructure & Finance Facilities for HSIIDC

  •  eGovernance
  •  Java Struts 2.0, Oracle 11g

HSIIDC is a Public Limited Company owned by the Government of Haryana. HSIIDC is company incorporated on 1967 under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 with the objectives to develop industrial infrastructure in the State of Haryana under the aegis of Department of Industries and Commerce, Haryana. It aims at providing computerized solutions to the e-governance projects.

HSIIDC Web portal

Client Pain Area

HSIIDC continued to drive Haryana on the roads to infrastructure and industrial development thereby catalyzing all round economic growth in the State. Right from provision of state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitation, HSIIDC ensured a smooth start up support to the new enterprises.

The e-governance projects are not computerized and the finance and infrastructure facilities are not online. Hence, the client aims at developing a web portal for the same to make the functions easy and less tedious.

Business Objectives

The basic requirements of the project were:

  • Computerized operations of the activities carried out
  • All the information should be available at any time, at a single place.
  • To remove tedious task of manual operation
  • To create independency and easy e-filing
  • Providing security features like user login, prevent unauthorized access and change data, access control to software functionality based on user roles
  • Facility to migrate legacy and operational data as well as verify and validate data
  • Data management for future reference
  • To develop account for payment history, upload document, comprehensive dashboard, E-filing status using tracking number, etc.
  • Back office processing for different group of users such as data entry, data processing/compiling, sanctioning etc.
  • MIS for weekly performance report, unique visitors, upload details of various forms and their status

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed Java Struts 2.0 with database Oracle 11g. We have proposed RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) System and payment gateway as 3rd party tool. We have also proposed E-filing – Registration and User management, My Account – Front end processing, Admin Panel – Back end processing, MIS reports, Data management and Data migration.

The project also creates interface with existing financial accounting system i.e. Tally ERP 9.0 and integration of the Email and Payment gateways to make services available to the citizens in a very convenient, efficient and quick manner. The proposed solution includes all computerized operations and procedure. We have used Pilot Processing for easy and quick payment and Jasper Reports for MIS reports.

Development Environment

Technology & FrameworkJBoss
DatabaseOracle Standard edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
Operating SystemRed Hat Linux OS
EmailSMTP server
ScriptJquery, JavaScript

Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkJBoss
DatabaseOracle Standard edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
Operating SystemRed Hat Linux OS
EmailSMTP server
ScriptJquery, JavaScript
  • To learn new technology and develop the entire website in new environment and interface
  • To implement frequently changing requirements of the client
  • Auto reconciliation with HDFC bank
  • Complex calculations for HRA, HRR, joining & leaving city change
  • To handle employee promotions between months
  • To use Pilot Processing for fast and easy payment
  • Data migration of various department of HSIIDC
  • Integration of various modules and simultaneous functioning of same
  • No manual Processing required
  • The system will take the approval of all the policies and complicated matters from the Section Head
  • The system will help to scrutinize the plot details by the section head
  • Approval of all the calculations and major changes in the system
  • Computerized operations reduce time, cost and work
  • Easy calculation of HRA, HRR, income tax, joining & leaving city, Provident fund, Pension and taken loans of HSIIDC employees
  • Hassle free procedure for annuity payment with nominee information and annuity
  • Computerized estate division and online interview schedule for allottee
  • Use of pilot processing makes payment processing fast, easy, and affordable
  • Application processing is online
  • Information will be available at any place, any time

1. Estate Officer

  • Easy management of plot applications and its allocation
  • Online Allottee management
  • Transparent processing of application
  • Ease of scheduling interviews for plot allocation
  • Keep track of all applications and updates simultaneously
  • Take out reports of all kinds to see cumulative data
  • Easy verification of documents

2. Allottee

  • Transparent processing of applications
  • Online submission of documents and verifications
  • Hassle free interview procedure and follow ups
  • Easy tracking of status
  • Online payment facility

3. Account Department Admin

  • Admin dashboard provides access to all the information easily
  • Online processing of all employee information
  • Easy calculation of salaries, deductions, loans and installments, based on various criteria and rules
  • Transparency between admin and employees
  • Able to generate various reports whenever required
  • Obtain consistent, accurate and reliable data easily
  • Get alerts triggered due to undue situation

4. HSIIDC Employee

  • Easy access to all relevant and personal information
  • Easy application for loans and other benefits provided to employees
  • Tracking of loan applications, leave, etc.
  • Transparency in getting various information
  • Obtain instant and secure information
  • Receive alerts of different kinds

5. Annuitants

  • Basic details of annuitants
  • Help in getting payments through banks
  • Records of payments made
  • Easily get nominee and amount information