Redesign & Redevelopment

Redesign & Redevelopment Of Ministry of Culture Website For National Informatics Centre Services Inc.

  •  eGovernance
  •  Drupal, MySQL

NICSI is the govt. of India organization working in providing the IT solutions to all the government institutes and bodies for their IT needs in terms of software development requirement or hardware/networking infrastructure requirement.

Redesign & Redevelopment

Client Pain Area

The current website does not include the details that the Ministry of Culture would display to the audience. It is not a dynamic website, and the layout is not interactive.

The website is unable to reach out to the right target audience, and maximize the following.
They had a website, which marked their web presence but did not have a mobile presence which was essential given the mobile dominance.

Business Objectives

They wanted a more interactive website with intuitive layouts, which would help reach out to the right people, and improve their visibility. Along with the redesign of the desktop application, they also wanted to establish a mobile presence. They wanted to add a module called culture, which will offer details on the heritage sites in India.

The Solution

We proposed redesign and development of the existing website using Drupal 7 framework with MySQL for database management. We included a more interactive layout, and included functionality like Photo Gallery, Audio Gallery, and Video Gallery, which would improve the interaction.

We also proposed the Sanskriti Mobile Application which would offer information on latest events, and other related data.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkDrupal 7
LanguagesPHP 5.3
Operating System (Development)Linux

Below are list of key challenges for the India Culture website:

  • Handling high amount of CMS pages
  • Media Galleries with N level of categorization
  • Showing Sanskriti Events details through Web services
  • Audiotrail/logs of all managed contents and users