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A leading research agency wanted a solution that could translate their data, and insights into trends, forecasts and personalized offerings for those catering to the fashion industry.

Fashion Advisory & Services Portal

Client Pain Area

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and transforming. The people involved with fashion need help with latest trends, forecasts, and ideas that can help them serve with innovations and products that are personalized the needs of their users.

The designers, fashion bloggers, trend makers, etc. are all individual entities, and there is no collaboration between them. There is no such research data available in real-time that can help the different entities of fashion make informed decisions. Developing a website or a platform to showcase their products is a costly affair for most people, which have reduced their reach considerably. As they are unable to showcase their products live, the overall efficiency has been affected, which has resulted in reduced revenues.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a solution that could read into latest research and trends, and analyze the factors, thus helping those in the fashion industry. They wanted the trend and research data to be made available to their end clients in real-time so that they can make informed decisions.

The client wanted a solution that would offer enhanced collaboration between the different entities involved in the fashion industry. The aim was to increase collaboration and empower the people in fashion industry by giving them a way to showcase their products.

The aim was to increase operational efficiency within the industry to generate better revenues.

The Solution

We proposed a innovative trend forecasting and advisory portal solution using ASP.Net technology. The database would be managed using MS SQL Server 2005 Enterprise edition. The solution combines fashion forecasting, with trend research and market reports to generate the ideal results for the users. A blog, scrapbook, news module have been included to the solution to offer real-time updates and trends to the users, thus improving collaboration.

The solution includes a creative platform where different tools and features as well as resources have been added to build your design. You can even share designs using this platform.

The updated trends and forecasts help in building designs and create innovative products

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & Framework.Net Framework 2.0 SP1
DatabaseSQL Server 2005 enterprise edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformiiS 6.0
Operating SystemWindows XP SP2 (Development)/ Windows Server 2003(Deployment)
  • Third party integration with NewsNow to get access to latest fashion news was a little challenging. It was essential to update the news every 5 minutes, which meant the news should be available in real-time through the integration.
  • Improved collaboration between Fashion Designers, Photographers, Fashion Houses and Fashion Stores
  • The user base for the application has increased considerably
  • Real-time data on trends and forecasts made available, which has helped make informed decisions
  • Creative tools available that make designing easy and fast
  • Improved productivity for designers and fashion houses