CRM Solution for Credit Cards Provider

Processing, Payment & Grievances Management for Credit Cards

  •  Finance & Banking
  •  ASP.Net, MS SQL

A leading credit card company with the largest network aims to deliver the best customer service. They needed a solution to handle processing, payments and grievances related to credit cards, which would help improve customer satisfaction.

Credit Card Processing & Payment

Client Pain Area

The client approached to make effective CRM to handle the credit card customers, to avoid delays and dissatisfied customers.

The processing of the credit cards request was not fully digitized before we took up, which led delay in completion of the requests. The credit card subscription facility was not online and they were following a conventional method, which meant the payments to be done at the bank for certain type and requests. This led to inconvenience for the customers.

The payment collection, processing etc. being manual led to a lot of errors. The resources could not concentrate on acquiring new users, leads and wasting time handling customer phone calls and requests from emails.

Business Objectives

Client wanted a dynamic solution that would handle the processing and payments related to credit cards. They wanted to increase connect between the potential customers and the bank virtually to offer more convenience to the customers.

The aim was to build a system that would communicate with the target customers and increase the conversions.

The client wanted to integrate and automate the various processes related to credit cards, to reduce the manual errors.

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed a content management system using the ASP.Net framework. CMS was provided to manage the content very easily. Custom development was proposed to include the customer portal related functionalities.

The proposed solution allowed different users to access the portal simultaneously. The different users who can login to the system are as follows:

  • 1. Portal Administrator– Portal Administrator will have full access to all features and functionalities of the website. Portal Administrator will be able to manage the content from the backend as well as manage the CMS pages and the advertisements.
  • 2. Registered Users (Card Holder / Customer Users and Merchant Users)– There will be two types of registered users i.e. Card Holder / Customers and Merchant Users. They will be able to login and access the data through the web portal as per the roles and responsibilities assigned by the portal administrator
  • 3. Site Visitors- This type of users will be able to access & view all content published. To download the files or to access restricted area of the portal, they will need to register and login into the website. They can even apply online for the card.

The proposed web portal is presented in single language (ENGLISH). The proposed solution was also integrated with the Payment and SMS Gateway to achieve the said requirement.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & Framework.Net Framework 4.0
LanguagesASP.NET, C#
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0
Operating SystemWindows
  • 1. 3rd Party Integration with the bank’s Net Banking and BillDesk Payment Gateway
  • 2. Implementation of ‘Password Policy’ as required by the client i.e. If user attempts three consecutive wrong password; for 1st time, user’s account will be blocked for next 24 hours. If user attempts the same 2nd time after 24 hours then once again user’s account will be blocked for another 24 hours and if user attempts the same for the 3rd time then user’s account will be permanently blocked and user will need to contact the customer representative for re-activation of their account
  • 3. It was a challenge to handle Portal for below conditions in the portal
    • a. Refresh the page
    • b. Click on Back Button
    • c. Try to open link in new tab / window
    • d. Copy the URL and Paste that into new tab / window
  • 4. Pass register user’s Request ID in a encrypted manner
  • 5. Implementation of Escalation Matrix as per client’s requirement
  • 6. Facility to provide page wise role privilege assignment to the user
  • Number of credit card customers increased considerably
  • Processing of credit cards improved substantially, thus improving customer satisfaction
  • Grievances were responded to in real-time, and resolved with immediate effect
  • Helps banks reach out to more people with their products
  • Customer retention improved
  • Increased accessibility and convenience to the end consumers
  • Increased transparency between customers and the bank