Intranet Portal Solution

Intranet Portal Solution for a Financial Institution

  •  Finance & Banking
  •  ASP.Net, MS SQL Server

U.A.E based financial institution that is owned by 18 Arab countries as well as the members of the League of Arab States, required a solution that would improve the communication with the bank beneficiaries. They wanted to make the bank beneficiaries aware of the different client organizations, and their activities, thus strengthening the bond.

Intranet Portal Solution

Client Pain Area

The client had a desktop application, which they used for communication purposes. It was a localized application, which did not allow real-time sharing of data.

The bank beneficiaries were unaware of the different client organizations or their activities, as there was no document repository which could be accessed by them. They were dependent on people at various levels for the information, which made information availability slow, which eventually hampered productivity.

The overall efficiency of the bank was lowered owing to these different reasons.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a system that would contain all the information and documents at a single place, so as to reduce dependencies in the institution.

They wanted to improve accessibility and real-time availability of information, so that decision making is swift, and the system is more efficient.

They wanted to improve collaboration and communication internally for better processing.

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed a content management system using the ASP.Net framework. The system was designed in order to offer the streamlining desired by the client.

The solution offers document level access to the document repository, which helps expedite the access to information.

The content on the website can be managed from the backend. Categorization of FAQ and Help has been done with this solution for better understanding and increased transparency. The communication has been enhanced with the integration of flexible email client functionality, which allows the users to view and access corporate email that are sent to the internal employees by clients across the globe.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & Framework. Net Framework 3.5 SP1, C#, Linq
DatabaseSQL Server 2008 Workgroup edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 6.0
Operating SystemWindows XP SP2
  • More users became involved with the activities, as a result of increased awareness
  • Workflow management became easy and accessible with user authorization
  • Improved relationship and communication with bank beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries are more aware of the client organizations and their activities
  • The organization efficiency and productivity has improved
  • Transparency within the system has increased
  • Client issues are resolved with Dynamic FAQ and online support