Performance Management Application

Evaluation & Management of Performance for Employees

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  •  ASP.NET 3.5

A leading telecom client was looking for a solution that would help in evaluating and managing the performance of their employees.

Performance Management Application

Client Pain Area

The client had 5000 employees whose performance had to be evaluated and managed.

The client was unable to define the goals for an individual and the team. They wanted to improve the transparency with the employee regarding their performance evaluation.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a system that would help automate the entire performance evaluation system. The client needed a solution that could manage the goals, feedback, and rate the employees based on their achievements.

They needed to improve the transparency which would in turn boost the morale of the employee

They wanted to improve the productivity, which is a result of increased levels of motivation

They wanted to close any gaps that exist between employee and the employer, thus reducing the attrition rates.

The Solution

We proposed a performance management application with the ASP. Net 3.5 framework using the SQL Server 2008 for database management.

The solution has incorporated user based roles and functionality to offer greater flexibility & security throughout the system.

The solution will keep a backup of the previous feedbacks and reviews, and the review for the new cycle will begin with this database.

The evaluation will take place based on the ratings given by the managers as well as the peer reviews.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkASP.Net 3.5 Framework
DatabaseSQL Server 2008
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0
Operating SystemWindows Server 2008
  • The evolving nature of the organizations may make the results as well as the measures obsolete with time. Most people believe that converting human interactions and the needs into measurements is impersonal, and not reliable. In fact, this kind of measurement is complex and the outcome may or may not be desirable.
  • The application manages performance evaluation & management of more than 5000 employees
  • It manages the database of previous reviews and feedbacks as well
  • Improved productivity across the organization, thus increasing operational efficiency
  • Better alignment of the organizational activities & processes to the goals established by the organization
  • Ability to plan better and hold a long-term view of the organization
  • Better focus on results rather than on activities, which helps achieve the goals
  • Performance management and evaluation for the employees became easy and convenient