Institute Performance Evaluation System

Commissionerate of Employment and Training

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The Commissionerate of Employment & Training, CET working under the Department of Labor and Employment, Government of Gujarat functions with the major objectives of providing Vocational Training and Employment Services to the youths in Gujarat State. To achieve these objectives the CET runs a variety of long-term and short-term training programmers in Industrial Training Institutes/Centers in the State. It also registers the youths looking for employment and provides placement services to them through Employment Exchanges that also maintain the list of prospective Employers.

Institute Performance Evaluation System

Client Pain Area

In India approx 723 number of ITI/ITC institutes (includes Government, Grant-in Aid, Self-Finance and other technical schools) are running. It was difficult to evaluate the performance of these institutes as there was no stable and secure system that would manage the large amount of information regarding them. Previously all the information was available at institute level only and not at central level.

Business Objectives

Commissionerate of Employment and Training department wanted to develop a solution for evaluating the performance and facility provided by various ITI/ITC institutes spread all over India. The performance of the institute will be evaluated by the department officers or by people hired for the same.

Client required following functionality to be included in the system:

  • The application should be accessible to the following types of users:
    • Administrator
    • Institute
    • Head Office
    • Nodal Inspector
    • Hired employee for inspection
  • Administrator should be able to manage user roles and their access rights from backend
  • Data of one institute must be isolated with other institute. Only some data such as basic institute information, their course and accommodation information etc. will be available and shared with all the institutes.
  • All information / data must be shared with the Head office user and Nodal inspector or hired employee for inspection should be able to visit institutes and fill up the information about the institute and give rate to them.
  • The system should record symptoms leading to wastage, inefficiency, lack of discipline and attitude and promote creativity.
  • System should also provide basis for root-cause analysis with a view of how to improve the performance or facility of their institute.
  • System must help to rate the performance of instructional staff and institute within and among the institutes across the state on relevant parameters.
  • Based on the information and ratings provided by the inspector, overall institute performance would be calculated.
  • The system should display various types of reports of different modules of the system. Following are the brief list of reports that the system must implement:
    • Institute Reports: Reports & charts regarding the institute admission, performance, activity, standard, health-safety-hygiene awareness etc.
    • Training Reports: It would include raw material, training delivery, internal inspections, attendance reports and charts.
    • Resource Reports: Various resources available for particular institute and their utilization, power consumption, space & hostel utilization reports and charts, etc.

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed developing the system in .NET framework with MS SQL as a backend database. Client required custom functionality for all the modules, forms, users and their roles, reports. The solution also included custom charts for all the reports. For chart functionality we have proposed to use Microsoft Chart Report.

The solution also implemented custom functionality for evaluating the institute performance based on the information and ranking submitted by the inspector. Institutes would be able to get the information of how to improve the performance and also compare their ratings with other institute ratings.

The solution will also implement security of information among the institutes in which only little information would be accessible. The information provided by institute would be verified by the inspector and if there is some conflict in it then it will affect the rating of the institute.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkMS .NET 4.0 Framework
LanguagesMS SQL Server 2008
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2008
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows Server 2008
  • Problem: Client required a solution that adapts automated process of form collection and institute ranking process.
    Solution: Silver Touch as a development company will identify the process of rating and marks given to institute based on reports submitted by inspectors and based on that reports root-cause analysis will be provided to institute for improvement.
  • Application should manage the huge amount of data for all the institutes spread over India and also make it accessible to central department.
  • To construct the charts and observation sheets by considering the various condition and actions based on data provided by institute and verified by inspector.
  • Make dynamic module for User Roles that assigns the access rights to each user based on their user type.
  • Information related to institute performance and activity is now available at central level
  • More stable and comprehensive application is accessible by various institutes, inspectors, nodal officers and also by central department
  • Easy to manage institute admission statistics such as number of forms, collected registration fees etc.
  • Different types of result competition are available such as batch-wise, course-wise, institute-wise etc.
  • Motivate the institute to arrange different types of Kaizen activity to improve the overall scoring of institute
  • Easy to track the participation of professional skills or trainings and extra skills as per requirements
  • The application is more benefited to Commissionerate department for gathering all the information from a single place.
  • Easy to understand numerical figures of institute data from graphical chart representation
  • Institute is also getting information of how to improve the performance in specific area or facility
  • Easy to find low rated institute and also track those institute for improvement
  • Dynamically the roles and access rights are managed by administrator
  • Department can easily get the reason for student dropout from the Dropout reports and take the necessary decision to overcome it.
  • Easy to track the utilization of critical machine which is available in high cost
  • Institute wise hostel & space utilization and placement activity will be easily monitored at central level