Recruitment Portal

Effective Recruitment & Employer Branding Portal Solution

  •  HR & Career
  •  Java 1.5, MySQL

A leading job portal wanted to improve its existing portal to offer better functionality to the end users, thus making the job marketplace convenient and accessible to both employers and job seekers.

Recruitment Portal

Client Pain Area

The client had created a marketplace to establish personal networks for employers and job seekers.

The jobs posted were not verified before going live, which meant there was a possibility of jobs that did not exist being posted on this site.

The site did not offer any incentives or real reviews for the jobs or companies, which led to credibility issues. The website could not attract job seekers as they did not have feedback from real people.

Tracking information or searching for relevant jobs was difficult. The website did not have an intuitive navigation.

Business Objectives

The client wanted real people, either employees of the companies or the people who were associated with the company in some way, reviewing the company or the job vacancy posted. They wanted to improve the credibility of the website by including real people, and getting more user reviews.

They wanted searching/tracking for relevant information on the new website easy and convenient.

They wanted to improve the personal networks between the employers and those seeking jobs with this website. The main aim was to offer more job vacancies and increase the number of users on the portal.

The Solution

We proposed redesigning the entire website using Java 1.5 framework with MySQL for database management.

This solution will differentiate between the jobs posted by the company, and the jobs verified by the client, so that the job seekers would know if the vacancies have been verified or not. The solution has incorporated a new search functionality, which will make searching for companies and jobs easy.

There is a feature which allows recommendations, and offers incentives based on the recommendations.

Appropriate filters have been included for the employers, job seekers and non job seekers to improve the engagement.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkJava 1.5 Framework
LanguagesJSP, Servelet with Java 1.5
DatabaseMS SQL 2005
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache Tomcat 5
Operating SystemLinux Server
  • One of the biggest challenges was using the analytics effectively, by the HR professionals who are a part of this network. This hampered the decision making process. The issue was resolved with the hiring of data or analytics expert who would process the analytics data.
  • There was an increase in engagement on the portal, after the incorporation of reviews from real people, recommendations and job post verification features.
  • The HR department within the organization could manage to hire the appropriate talent with this website
  • Improved reach for employers and employees with recruitments going online
  • Helps attract the right talent with appropriate skillsets
  • Applicant tracking and monitoring made easy
  • Easy to accept or reject candidates with these job portals
  • Chances of getting highly skilled candidates is possible with the recommendation and review features