Comprehensive ERP System to Enhance the Workflow of your Business

Manufacturing is a broad term and is the backbone of the global economies. The manufacturing business involves effectively managing product life cycles and fulfilling customer demands. For increased productivity, it requires proper handling of raw materials and finished goods and efficient management of labour, distribution, transportation and inventory. Responding to the client needs and controlling supplier and vendor management is the key to successful business in the manufacturing sector. Companies in this field need to manage processes despite the fierce competition and various challenges faced by them.

Business Functions of Manufacturing

Following business functions of Manufacturing Companies are covered in our solution for manufacturing:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Location Management
  • Integrated Inventory Management System
  • Costing and Quality Management
  • Accounting and Financials
  • Batch Production
  • Compliance and Maintenance
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Product Marketing and Campaigning
  • Purchasing and Planning
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Production Planning
  • Yield and Scrap Management
  • Integrated Mobility Solution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Import and Export Management with necessary documents
WFeatures and Benefits of ERP Systems for the Logistics Industry

Key benefits from SAP Business One Solution for Manufacturing Industry

  • Accurate stock and store management
  • Boost performance metrics
  • Drive satisfaction levels
  • Streamline production processes
  • Meet customer demand and lead times
  • Align production activities to improve performance
  • Integrated production and MRP
  • Make smarter, more informed decisions

Industry Dynamics

The manufacturing industry is being disrupted by advanced IT and manufacturing capabilities, which include:

  • Smart Machines and Internet of Things (IoT) to connect all unique devices within the manufacturing infrastructure to improve cost and production efficiencies, and for preventive maintenance
  • ERP software for small manufacturers, ERP production planning, food manufacturing ERP software, and ERP software for a manufacturing company
  • Big Data analytics for gaining actionable data and insights
  • Supply chain optimization with real time traceability and end to end integration for competitive advantage
  • Increasing use of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to improve productivity and quality control
  • Embracing a B2C model by B2B companies for direct access to customers using eCommerce, leveraging personalization as a differentiator

Strategic Priorities for our Customers

Silver Touch INC works with our process and discrete manufacturing customers to pursue their strategic priorities by empowering them with an integrated set of technology solutions to:

  • Enable total end to end visibility and reporting consistency by standardizing data across all systems
  • Leverage a digital innovation platform powered by IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics integrated with ERP software for small manufacturers
  • Track and enhance manufacturing performance by gaining real-time visibility into quality and costs
  • Increase revenue growth by collaboration with suppliers and partners to enable faster fulfilment while reducing inventory levels, time to market, and waste
  • Reduce scrap and rework cost by empowering the workforce to take informed decisions with real time insights on planning, execution, quality, with analysis at the finest level of granularity available on mobile devices
  • Reduce manufacturing downtime with predictive and preventive maintenance

Customer Testimonial

“We continue to enjoy our long standing relationship with silvertouch who is our “go to” data engineering partner. silvertouch has worked extensively with our Controls Engineering and IT groups to build the necessary data pipelines and storage systems to consolidate data from diverse sources including batch and time-series data from our plant’s Distributed Control System. They have enabled data integration and data consolidation that give us simplified and reliable access to manufacturing process and product quality from disparate systems. This has been key in our multi-year plan to implement Continued Process Verification methods and is the basis for other more sophisticated data analytics. Aspen Aerogels is in the early stages in cultivating a data-driven culture, the silvertouch team has been integral to this process by helping us establish the base data architecture, while providing input into industry best practices. The team is extremely professional, reliable and always goes the extra mile to help us further innovate as a trusted partner for our organization. ”
Christian Andrade, Controls & Automation, Manager, Aspen Aerogel
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