Manage finished goods, co-products and by-products most efficient way

Process manufacturing industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries,which is constantly seeking solutions to simplify operations.This domain is facing several challenges including demand fluctuations, regulatory issues, capacity underutilisation and margin pressures. Though product life cycles are reducing by the day, there is a continuous increase in manufacturing costs. In addition to that, the rise of the emerging markets as the strongest players in these domains has created a new configuration for the evolving process manufacturing business environment.

Features of SAP Business One
For Process Manufacturing

  • Project & Production Management
  • Advance Inventory Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Recipe and Formulation Management
  • Co-Product/By-Product/Scrap Management
  • Batch Control and Traceability
  • Compliance Management
  • Batch Recall
  • Advance Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Product Configurator
  • Cost Estimation
  • Advance Warehousing Operations

Benefits of SAP Business One Solution
for Process Manufacturing Industry

  • One stop solution for all the business operations right from planning to production to delivery
  • Has strong hold on Inventory & stock making sure the turnaround time of production & delivery decreases
  • Ensures quality of the product is maintained
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Advance production & material planning helps to meet the high market demands
  • Maximum utilisation of available resources leading to cost efficiency
  • Calculating timely delivery of orders
  • Real time data & reports makes your business hassle free
  • Resource & cost planning leading to more efficient business strategies & business growth
  • Capital expenditure, labour utilisation & machine utilisation is well managed
  • The software will eliminate the need for diverse systems and complex integration of multiple modules
  • Streamline their end to end operations, helping them focus on making their business more profitable
  • Reduce capital expenditure, gain higher machine and labour utilisation leading to improved ROI

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